Thursday, 24 May 2018

Can You Really Take a Break From Blogging?

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It is quite often now that I see a tweet or an picture with the caption:            'I'm taking a break' 
.. from blogging, from social media in general and there are always all manner of reasons, health, holiday or just because. And I am all for it. I can't sit at work all week working on social media to then come home and spend all of my free time doing it as well, sometimes you just need a break. 

But can you really take a break and just pick up where you left off?

Often your content can come off at the end of it looking better, rejuvenated with more ideas and a fresh new look all because of those few days off 
But when it doesn't, what then? A break is still a break and we all feel the repercussions. 

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Over the last year I had a lot going on in my personal life that just kind of meant my blog has to be put on the back burner. 

When I was a little more active on the blog I was contacted by a brand to try out their new products, it was such a lovely email to receive, no demands, no obligations ot post anything, they just wanted to send it to me. 
Obviously - cos like who doesn't - I went straight to Instagram stories and did a little blogger mail unboxing. A few weeks later I then got send some more which I did the exact same thing with and put a few posts on Instagram as well as stories. 
Not in a showy way - I just mean it felt like I had developed a relationship with this brand. 

Anyway when the third parcel arrived I was moving house, so it quickly got packed away in a box and as I said life got in the way to the point I never actually did a single post. 
And now nothing. 

Now they may not have sent anymore to anyone else, maybe it got lost in the post, maybe i'll get another one some time in the future, maybe they just changed their mind, maybe maybe maybe. (was being sent to my parents house so there is no old address issue here) 

But it is hard not to tie the two together. Especially when the timing marries up so perfectly. And of course it isn't always about the collab/sponsorship opportunities, its also the stats. I mean I surely can't be the only that looses at least 10 followers for simply missing a post one day on Instagram! 

It is such a killer and I find getting too caught up in the numbers is usually my reason for needing a break - but then going back to see its even worse than before is just a never ending bloody cycle!

I need help guys ... How do you keep your stats/presence up when you need a break?

I am really interested to get some perspective and just other peoples views on this - so here it is, the big question:

Can you really take a break from blogging? 

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