Tuesday, 17 April 2018

My Top 5 Coats: Winter to Spring

5 coats

Can we just take a moment to question why everyone is freezing their tits off for the gram. Every other picture on my feed right now is someone standing outside bare legged in a strappy little number, but the bleakest grey skies behind them. It’s nice and everything and everyone loves a no coat look, but can we just have a tad of realism here people?! It’s bloody freezing still. I know some outfits look better without a coat, but I’d actually be interested to see what coat people are pairing with their uber cool fashionable outfits, cos I am still always at a bit of a loss with this!   

Anywayss, every single year there are a million new coats and jackets that come out all that are only slightly different to the ones I bought last year, but of course I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!

I've always been one of those people that have said they prefer summer to winter but if you were to look at my winter to summer clothes ratio you would defo think it was the other way around. Especially when it comes to coats. 

I just really can't stop. I used to find myself only ever buying black coats because it will go with everything, but it was always so boring having the same old every single day. So now if I likes it, I buys it.. even if it only goes with those jeans or that skirt etc.

So here is a round up of my favourite coats that I will defo be using to transition into spring/summer, as let’s face it, I live in England it’s probably going to rain 90% of so called summer anyways!

Asos Puffer
Girl outside in black jacket

Girl against white wall in black jacket

Girl against white wall in black jacket
Top: Asos | Trousers: Asos | Trainers: Vans 
So this jacket is my purely for ease coat. It does just pretty much go with everything, and I feel like its definitely the right kind of cut and shape to work well with awkward lengths i.e culottes - I always find them so hard to wear with anything other than a crop top - baggy on baggy is not a good look unless you are a proper skinny minny. Hence why I want to see your coats people!!

Missguided Shearling
Girl against white wall in beige teddy coat and black baker boy hat

Girl against white wall in beige teddy coat & black hat

Girl against white wall in beige teddy coat
Jumper: Matalan | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Boohoos | Sunglasses: Topshop | Hat: Topshop 
So in love with this jacket, I could happily wear this every single day. I started fake tanning on the reg purely for the fact I love the whole neutral tones, tanned look with gold jewellery & this coat is just perf for this! I had to stop myself from buying it in every other colour they had I love it that much. The oversized look is great for layering up chunky knits in winter but also a really great look for just a t-shirt in spring. love love love 

Primark Furry 
Girl outside grey faux fur coat against a white wall

Girl outside grey faux fur coat

Girl outside grey faux fur coat Jumper: Topshop | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Boohoo | Sunglasses: Asos 
This was actually my first coat purchase of winter. I can't quite work out if it is grey, lilac or blue - it is just one of those. Despite all the fur it isn't really thick/warm. So again another layering essential great for transitioning seasons. I love wearing it with a pink jumper like I am here and will be trading the black jeans in for blue soon for the ultimate Spring time vibes!

Boohoo Aviator 
Girl in burgundy and pink jacket outside

Girl in burgundy and pink jacket outside

Girl in burgundy and pink jacket outside
Top: eBay | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Bershka | Sunglasses: eBay
I got this little number for Christmas and it actually is a little out of my comfort zone. The fur is very pink. Don't get me wrong I do love a bit of pink, but I definitely avoid those neon tones if possible & the pink on this felt like it was bordering the neon. But, & it is a bit but.. I love it. The brightness of the pink is contrasted with the burgundy and it just feels like the perfect jacket when you want a pop of colour. Great for those days in spring when everyone is wearing those blue, yellow or pink leather jackets and your still in the 'moody winter' mood, with a hint of 'I'm actually not moody, look its pink' thrown in for good measure.
*no actual hate to those coloured leather jackets - I really want one*

Bershka Furry
Girl with faux fur coat colour blocking

Girl with faux fur coat colour blocking

Girl with faux fur coat colour blocking
Top: Primark | Trousers: Matalan | Belt: Primark | Shoes: Matalan 
I am slightly ashamed to say I've barely worn this jacket. When I put it on I always feel so extra & I always a big scaredy cat when it comes to new things so I have to work up the courage everytime I go to wear it. But I am working on that as I really love the whole colour blocking look, so it is my intention to wear this throughout winter and spring.. its got the perfect combo of colours why would I not do this right?!

So there we have it, my top 5 coats I will be transitioning into spring.. maybe just because I love them so much I'm not quite ready to put away for the next few months.
But then again think of all the Spring/Summer jackets I can start buying now too.. 

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