Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Wide Leg Fear

Girl posing wide leg jeans and jacket picture 1

Again another post from me about how I am unsure about a certain style but I'm going to embrace it anyway. Getting repetitive right but I just can't help it, fashion is always changing and there is always something I am a little bit like 'whaaat THAT is fashion?!' If you don't know what I mean please just look at 'culeans' because holy moly what are those?!

Like honestly half the stuff that comes off the runway is just way too out there and is 100% not at all wearable for your everyday lass like me!
But you know what is wearable.. wide leg jeans! But I am still filled with fear over my new trews!
I think I am just having a moment of like, what if people look at my jeans the way I look at culeans - oh ma gaaaad!
Cropped, wide leg annndd they are denim! Its new its different.. I'm scared.

I'm not really sure why I find this so scary, I pretty much live and die in culottes but there is something about them being denim that I find truly terrifying.
When I was younger I had a pair of bootcut jeans that I loved but skinnys were just really kicking off and I always remember this girl like eww why are you wearing those and made me feel so stupid that that was it, they were gone never to be seen again.

So prior to a few years ago I have always been a die hard skinny jean fan, but it is getting boring and I don't actually think they are the best cut for my figure. So here I am going in for the kill with a brand new cut and I got to say I am laaaaaving it. 

Girl posing wide leg jeans and jacket picture 2

Girl posing wide leg jeans and jacket picture 3

Girl posing wide leg jeans and jacket outside garden surroundings pic 3

Girl outside in garden showing outfit pic 4

Girl posing wide leg jeans and jacket picture 5

Girl showing outfit without jacket outside

Picture 6 Girl posing for outfit shot

Denim Trousers girl in garden showing outfit

Girl posing wide leg jeans and jacket close up

Girl Posing outside showing outfit against white wall
Jeans: Topshop 
Top: Boohoo 
Boots - Bershka
Jacket - Asos 
Necklace - Bershka 
Earrings - Next 

I decided to keep it simple with a black turtle neck, boots and a leather jacket. And adding a little touch of detail with my gold chain and hoop earrings.

I felt like keeping it simple was the best bet if I was already worried and I was actually pretty happy with the way it came out. Kind of that effortlessly casual cool that I am pretty much always after!

Since putting this outfit together and getting these outfit shots, I have actually gone out and bought myself a pair of cropped kick flare jeans as well. I know right .. what even am I?! Soooo once again I am teaching myself a lesson and possibly you if you are constantly worried about trying new things.
So if you are, we both need to embrace it..  because FASHUN


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