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New Year New Goals: Being Proud Of Myself

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New year, new me and all that right? Well not quite. I don't really intend on setting myself proper resolutions, I only end up forgetting all about it, so what is the point. Plus we are all guilty of the same old same old, go to the gym, eat better etc. that clearly never happens otherwise it wouldn't be a resolution Every. Single. Year!

I had a bit of a rubbish day at work a little while ago and I was trying to be positive and happy about everything and I ended up manically writing out a post that was essentially all my feelings at that moment in time.

I left it alone for a while not even really wanting to read back over it just knowing I felt better having written everything down. But when I did finally go back it read kinda like resolutions and goals sooo here we have it!

Taking Pride in What I Do

I find that quite often I feel a bit silly saying I blog, or if someone says they were looking at my Instagram. I guess that comes the popular misconception that when someone is a bit shy or reserved  that they love themselves and are stuck up.. I apparently give off this vibe and obviously a whole website dedicated to me, myself & I probably doesn't help with view.

But I have decided to take some pride in myself and what I do and already it has given me a sense of motivation. I am still not completely on track with my blog in the way I used to be, I used to post at least once every week but that just doesn't happen anymore and to be honest I don't want it to. I would rather the posts I do write to be authentic and true to me rather than just chatting about random crap to meet my own demands of one post per week minimum. So yeh, I may post infrequently and my following may be affected by that, but at least when I do post, it will be about something I have loved! 

Contacting Brands & PR 
My main thing I am feeling really proud about is reaching out to brands and PR for the first time and being successful. This I am sure is no biggy to many but was a big step for me I always felt I could never do. I have done this a grand total of 4 times now - resulting in 2 collaborations and 2 invites to bloggers events - not bad ehhh! So I am hoping to continue in this line and hopefully work with a few more brands and attend some more events to meet all you lovely lot! 

I am feeling pretty motivated to do a media kit so that is another goal to add to my little list for this year. This kind of links back to contacting the Brands & PR, I want to look professional and I suddenly realised my blogging stats are not something to be ashamed of.

I love the open honesty of some people Twitter about their stats, from bloggers I love and read their content all the time & I realise I have the same stats as they do.

Now I am not trying to compare at all but it was so nice and refreshing after putting myself down for so long to see that I wasn't doing as bad as I thought. Just for a little confidence boost to myself that yeh, I am in a way, up there with some of my favourite bloggers & I see that as something to be proud of. 

Now Instagram. If you don't get this horrible 'ergh' feeling of complete and utter frustration then you need to be sharing your secrets with me. I am in two minds about this at the moment. Partly feeling like I am going to up my game and sort it out so that I don't feel shitty every time I lose a follower.. or 50! But also that I am going to care a little less about it and not let it get to me so much! 

Bit of a contradictory one but there you have it! 

I am really not the type of person that wants their life to be ruled by social media and I really feel like this is why I'm perhaps not quite as far along as I want to be, but I like my down time away from it. 
I like going home after work and doing absolutely nothing. 
I like going out and not sharing every single detail on social media. 
I like enjoying the moment whilst I am out, with the people I am with rather than trying to get the perfect picture to put on Instagram only to lose a couple followers that apparently are offended by my cup of tea!

Okay slight manic there but you get my point!

If you aren't offended by tea - you can follow me here!

Basically, my 2018 goals are simply to take more pride in my blog, pride in the content I create for it and pride in the fact that even if I don't have millions of followers, I have a few that are interested  in what I write and what I wear. And even if I don't, I am doing it for me no one else. 

What are your blogging goals this year? 


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