Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The Adele Dress - Cari's Closet Collab

Que the typical start to a blog post.. Blogging & a full time job just do not mix well! It is becoming soooo hard to stay on top of everything whilst working full time but also not wanting your weekends to be totally consumed by blogging alone. Like the whole process, getting ready, taking the pictures, editing them and then finally writing out the post can just take up so much time!

And don't even get me started on the whole lighting sitch going down now lately making everything even harder. This particular post has been a long time in the making its just taken me foreverrrr because of all of the above!

Anyway to the point of the actual post..
Cari's Closet Adele Dress

Cari's Closet - The Adele Dress

The Adele Dress - Cari's Closet

The Adele Dress

A little while ago now I was lucky enough to be gifted a dress of my choice from Cari's Closet. So I had a look through possibly every single thing on their website and narrowed it down to 5 dresses that I liked and seriously struggled to choose from.

After sending all 5 round to my mum and my sister getting everyones opinions we all agreed on the Adele dress which defo turned out to be a good choice as only a few days later I saw it trending on facebook with so many people saying about how much they loved it.. and I had one on its way to me at that very moment!

I have to say as a predominantly fashion blogger it was so exciting to collaborate with a fashion brand for once! But it wasn't without its worries, is it going to fit, will it look right on me, what if I hate it but still have to post it up online..

But it was all without cause because it arrived and I bloody love it! The intricate detailing of the lace is so lovely, plus with the sheer material underneath it is just so beautiful. I feel like I can I can dress it up or down depending on the occasion - which if you know me is always a plus as I'm all about versatility! 

I went through a phase when I was younger of wearing blue all the time, and putting on this dress I remembered why I used to love it so much. It is that perfect royal blue shade, thats not to bright but still brightens up the wardrobe enough! 

I was also really pleased with the cut as I usually struggle a bit with dresses,  I have the annoying problem of if my boobs fit in 9 times out of 10 its too big on my waist and visa versa. So I tend to always go for that stretchy jersey type material that either stretches or just pings back to shape but not this time! & it paid off because it fit perfectly!

Anywayss, I know there are lots of glitz and glam dresses that can be worn over the Christmas period but for me this is looking like a favourite for those day when sequins and glitter are just a tad too much!

& of course I had to 'me' it up with a leather jacket because since getting a new one for my birthday.. I haven't really taken it off!

What do you think of this latest look? And what are your go to Christmas ootd's? 


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