Friday, 3 November 2017

All About the Glitter with Burnt Jasmine

Glitter, who doesn't love it. And beaut underwear who doesn't love that too am I right? Put two and two together and we have my new Glimmer Bralet from Burnt Jasmine that err yeh I'm defo in love with!!

I have to say as much as I love them, I am always a little bit skeptical about bralets, like they only ever really look good on ladies of the smaller boob variety & that is not me. They tend not to really hold you right where you definitely need a little bit of holding. But that doesn't always stop me from buying them, I just tend to use bralets as my stay at home underwear. 

But I have to say this bralet from Burnt Jasmine was very good in this department, its not your standard over the shoulder bra but more like a bikini going around the neck, which kind of meant it gave me a much better hold with a cut like this. Plus the added bonus is that all items are handmade, so you can message and discuss sizing options, so you know you are going to get what works for you! 

But anyway putting the cut aside, it is glittery and amazing and when I wear it I definitely feel a little bit of a diva!!!

Head on over to Burnt Jasmine to nab your own amazing handmade set like mine!
And even better - you can get 20% off with my code Abi20 on all purchases through the Asos store!

Go go go!


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