Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Brassy Blondes: The Ultimate Cure

All you blondes out there, this one is for us! It is pretty much an age old problem of being blonde. You've had you hair done, it has taken you forever to get to that perfect shade  (like seriously why does this take so long), you've got your hair flicks and swishes down to a T and then IT happens. In random patches the colour starts to fade and turns that ginger, brassy, almost strawberry blonde colour. And if you are anything like me, the meltdown follows.

So after many meltdowns and attempts to patiently wait it out until my next hair appointment I got googling and experimenting until I finally found the one.

Basically halle-friggin-lujah for the babe of all babes Lee Stafford who swoops on in and saves the day with his Bleach Blondes purple toner. I have on and off for years used all different toners and shampoos and all the colour revival treatments you can think of and never really rated any because I just couldn't see a difference.

To be fair to all those other brands I don't think I was using them properly. I wouldn't consistently use them, so I guess its my own fault really.

However Lee Stafford is the first one I have had where I have noticed the difference immediately! And oh ma gaaaaad am I loving it or what! I literally slather my hair in it probably using wayyy to much but I don't care if its working! I have started to use this every time I wash my hair now so the colour does seem to be persistently where I want it to be! Woooooo!

Since trying out Lee Stafford I have again retried a couple other toners too like Charles Worthington and John Frieda which have also been effective. I would say I have't noticed an immediate difference with these one like I have the Lee Stafford but thats not to say they don't work as after a few washes you can see the difference. 

If you aren't really a fan of toners or maybe because they can be really expensive, an alternative that I have also found is again Lee Stafford, his purple toned Bleach Blonde Hot Shots. These really are amazing! Again an immediate difference when you are in dire need of a hair rejuvenation. It basically gives you the result of the shampoo & conditioner toners do after a fair few washes, but immediately. 

The Hot Shots I like to save for every now and then, maybe if I have an event coming up but with no time to get my hair done or if its just in the middle of appointments and you don't want to muck up the whole schedule. These are a great quick fix! But again these are fairly expensive and they only come in packs of three so I like to use mine wisely! 

Do you have a colour rejuvenating suggestion for all us blondes? Or any other hair colour too?! 
I'm always looking to try out new (and hopefully cheaper) ways of getting and keeping the perfect hair colour so any suggestions would be amazing!!

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  1. These sounds great - definitely something I need to invest in after having my highlights redone!

    Laura x

    1. They really make a difference it will be well worth the money! & your highlights we=ill last longer too win win!! x

  2. I totally feel the issues with being a brassy blonde myself! Thanks for the amazing post! <3

    1. Thank you for reading it! Give it a try this could be your saving grace like for me! x

  3. Replies
    1. They really are - worth a try I promise! x

  4. Ooo never tried the Lee Stafford one! I always found Fudge's purple shampoo really good, it so potent!

    1. Ooo I have never tried that before! I will have to give it a go! x

  5. Replies
    1. They are so good I don't know what my hair would be like without them ha!


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