Monday, 15 May 2017

Blogging Confidence

 Alluring title like I have all the answers but really I am asking them. 

I love flicking though my instagram and seeing all these amazing shots that other bloggers get or all these different locations they go for a full on shoot and I just think HOW?!

I try to find myself a good little spot because I get seriously bored of the same old same old of my bedroom or my back garden and I think ooh yeah nice and quiet we can just get on with it. Anddd I start to do maaa thaaaang strutting around and getting some good stuff and then I spot them.. the dreaded 'other people'. I hate it, I feel myself like freeze up thinking what must they think of me that I absolutely love myself or something and I just panic and want to go home straight away. 

I see so many pictures of bloggers in the street with other people in the background behind them and I just don't know how they do it! 

 Do they just not care that there are other people around that stop and watch? Or is it just about finding a really good secluded spot?
What do you do?

I really want to up my game with the pictures I get but I feel like I need to get over this insecurity of people watching me first because I ruin it for myself. 
So if you have any tips please help me and share!!

Update: I wrote out this post and then mentally prepared myself to go outside and get some decent pictures and what happens it rains! Gaadamnit! Looks like bedroom pictures will have to do once again!



  1. I really encorage you to take pics outside of your comfort zone and just do your thing without thinking about what the people going to think ! Lovely outfit by the way <3

    1. Thank you lovely! I am really going to try and not care so much all for that perfect shot ha! x

  2. Beautiful inspirational photos! :)
    kisses from Italy

    1. Thank you so much! I am so sorry I haven't seen this comment until now but thank you it means a lot!

  3. This is easier in summer when there's more light but try going out early especially on a Sunday, small market towns would probably be quieter still. What about mixing it up & exploring the countryside, you'll be surprised how many secluded spots are nearby.

    1. I think getting the bf out of bed on a Sunday morning for blogging pictures will prove to be very hard haha! But thank you I think I will give the whole countryside spots a try!


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