Thursday, 20 April 2017

Wardrobe Must Haves: The Staple Item That's Always Wearable

If you have read any of my other posts you will know I'm all about versatility. I love buying something knowing I can already think of multiple ways to wear it. I really don't get that whole buy a dress and can't be seen in it twice type thinking, like seriously who has that much money that they can do that!

So this jumpsuit I just know is going to be a staple in my wardrobe now for both summer and winter. I've wanted a black jumpsuit for a while but I kept only ever finding these catsuit style ones that are dead tight and are possibly the most unforgiving item of clothing out there! So they are definitely a no no for me which made me sooo happy when I got a promotional email from MissPap and this was the first thing that caught my eye. I just love the cute little bow tie at the back!

Jumpsuit - MissPap
Boots - Topshop
Sunglasses - Asos 
Belt - Asos 

I've had it for a little while now, well it was another Christmas pressie butttt if you like this look then you can still find it here - and its now in the sale too (aren't you lucky!) just unfortunately not available in black anymore. 

But anyway this style of jumpsuit I think isn't too fancy a material that you can only wear it on a night out, it can pretty much be worn any way you like. I think maybe I will change up the boots for some sandals and a basket back in summer. And then maybe a jumper or pretty shirt underneath for winter. And we all know when you can layer it up or something along those lines, there are literally endless possibilities to just one outfit. You gotta love that am I right?!

Soo personally I am thinking we all NEED a simple black jumpsuit in our wardrobes right now!

What are your other staple items that you just couldn't live without?

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  1. I want a jumpsuit! It looks so sexy! You rock it well girl.

    May from La Vie en May

    1. Thank you lovely! I think this one is sold out now but you should check out Missguided or Boohoo for some cheap but nice ones!x

  2. That jumpsuit looks amazing on you. I definitely need to buy myself one.

    1. Thank you lovely! You should I wear mine all the time with just a little tee underneath to dress it down! x


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