Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mustard Love

Jeans - Asos
Top - Topshop
Boots - New Look 
Coat - Neon Rose
Socks - Asos
Bag - Liquorish at Asos

So basically the only thing that isn't new in this picture is the white top everything else I was lucky enough to be bought for Christmas.

It is finally coming into spring, although still freeeezing on some days, but I am hoping that will change soon so that I can wear this duster coat without being frozen like I was when I shot these pictures. Which was a while back now.. when I was still living in Brighton (cries - I am seriously missing this white wall blogging spot right now!) 

Anywayy I have been loving yellow and orange lately and what better colour to match leopard print right?! I wanted to create a really simple outfit so the bag and the shoes were highlighted the most whilst glamming up what is essentially a really basic outfit. Don't get me wrong I do love a simple jeans and tee look with trainers or whatever but occasionally nice to dress it up a little.

I was reallllly lucky with the duster coat, I had been looking at it online for a while but wasn't really able to afford it but pretty much had my heart set on eventually after Christmas spending was over to buy it as a little treat to myself. But lucky for meeee Ollie clearly knows what I like and surprised me with it at Christmas even though I hadn't mentioned it...
As you can imagine he was very proud of himself and I get errrrything I want *smiley devil face*

Bit late to be going on about Christmas presents but the slightly warmer weather means I can finally wear some of these new bits!

Any colours you are loving at the moment? Orange like me? Oh don't worry still not over the pink phase just yet!



  1. I've been wanting a long duster coat for so long but I can never just find a basic one ah. I love the mustard backpack!

    Dalal // Monochrome Daisies

    1. I would definitely have a look on Asos they did have some really nice ones a little while ago! Thank you me too I'm so in love with it! x

  2. I love this outfit, it's totally something I would love wearing! My favourite pieces are the bag & the shoes !

    1. Ah thank you so much! I know I love the shoes and that bag too! Two key statement pieces that now I have them I most definitely could not live without ha! x

  3. I love a bit of mustard too - especially for the autumn!

    1. Me too! I will definitely be bringing this outfit back around this Autumn! x


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