Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Face Mask of my Dreams

Soo if you haven’t been hearing all about the black clay face masks lately, seriously where have you been?! They are absolutely everywhere! And for good reason they are amazing.

Well I say they like I have tried out loads but I have only tried the JorgeObe Peel Off Face Mask and now I will look no further because I seriously love it!

I’ve never really had really bad skin, acne or anything but I do get the odd black head/ pimple here and there and just lately I have been very unlucky in the pimply forehead department. It just doesn’t seem to want to go. I tried out a few other products, face washes, exfoliating but not budging at all. But literally with this face mask they just disappeared! Only temporarily of course but after one use I really noticed the difference. 

The only thing is its £26 per bottle which isn't too bad considering how amazing it is but I did find myself being really stingy on the amount I was using to make it last longer, but you have to use a fair amount so it is thick enough on your face but the tube isn't that big. Ahhh what to do?! Andddd with such good results I found myself wanting to pretty much use I every time I saw the slightest mark on my face but I have decided to save it for every now and then when my skin is looking bad!

I guessing after such good results using it sporadically, if I was to use it more regularly then I'd have constant clear skin and I am loving the sound of that! I would 100% recommend! Especially if you are a heavy makeup wearer. This mask is perfect for a deep clean detox!

One tiny word of warning. Don't get it in your eyebrows. It really really hurts peeling that off!
Have you tried any of these black clay mask and what did you think?



  1. I really love clay masks and have tried other masks now looking forward to try these. I recently had a skin rejuvenating treatment from Cosmedocs London clinic and I must say it’s simply fabulous. It has returned the glow and smoothness of my skin and looking forward to retain it.

    1. You should try this one I thought it was so amazing! Ooh I may have to look into this I've been really struggling with dry skin lately, giving it a nice glow sounds just what I need! x

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