Thursday, 5 January 2017

How to Wear Casual Leopard Print

I am not sure whats going on with me lately but I am loving this little change in attitude I have been having. I have always been a little bit scared of certain types of clothes and will just refuse to wear it based on the fact that its a bit out there (or at least in my head it is) or just that other people will be judging. But lately I just don't care. If I like it I am buying it and wearing the hell out of it. 

And well leopard print is really one of those things...


Top - Missguided 
Skirt - Lily and the Lamplight
Coat - Missguided 
Tight - Primark 
Boots - Topshop 

I completely fell in love with this skirt when I saw it online. I mean it is furry for God's sake what is not to love?! And lucky for me I got it for Christmasssss (woop woop!)
I wanted to keep it super casj so I wanted like a band tee type thing but as I don't actually have one, so my Missguided dress became a t-shirt for the day to create the look. I like the fact it was a bit miss-matched.

Normally anything like this I would immediately reach for a black turtle neck and some black tights to make the leopard print stand out and don't get me wrong I am sure this will be an outfit you will see in the future as I really do love that kinda look but as I was feeling a little sassy in my "I'm confident now i'll wear what i like" mood (and I really don't know how long this will last) I thought I'd mix it up a little. 

Do you have any confidence issue with certain patterns or clothes? 

Anyone else loving all the leopard print that is around at the moment? - I already have another post lined up with ma new leopard print boots so keep an eye out or give me a follow on Bloglovin to never miss a thing!  



  1. Very nice look!!


  2. You look so lovely!

    1. Thank you so much! Was freeeeezing I must admit ha! x

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