Friday, 27 January 2017

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So for a few years I basically ignored the fact that I was a little blind and couldn't see things clearly if they weren't in front of my face, but a little while ago I had to admit defeat and finally get myself a decent pair of glasses. So when I was gifted a pair of prescription glasses of my choice from the how could I say no! 

I have really recently embraced wearing my glasses more, especially in public partly because well why not and also because I can't seem to get contacts in my eyes without making myself cry and ruining all my make up. But also because it just seems like glasses are becoming more of an accessory rather than something that is actually needed and I am loving itttt as there had been so many times I feel like my face/makeup is hidden behind the glasses or just that an outfit overall is ruined because they don't quite suit. 

Anywaysss on the Glasses Shop site I had so many to choose from but I wanted to get something that was completely different to what I already had and maybe something a little out of my comfort zone. So in the end I opted for the Clementine Round eyeglasses and I am soo glad I took a chance and went for something I normally wouldn't because they have now become my favourite, I really love them! 

I wanted to go for that almost granny type style that seems to be quite popular at the moment and I thought the round lenses and the slightly pink tinted frame really made the look. Although talking of the round lenses, my family all think its now hilarious to call me Harrygail (a mix of Harry Potter and my awful full name Abigail - ewwwwww!

Anyway here they are...

I have never really thought about buying eyeglasses online before but after this experience it is definitely something I would do again! They are great quality and for such a good price why wouldn't you! 

They also have a massive range of prescription sunglasses too, and I am definitely going to get myself a pair of these before the summer as well!

If you are after a new pair of glasses, fancy a change up or like me just want to have another option, head on over to the and see for yourself. Use my code GSHOT50 at the checkout for 50% off!

Abi x 


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