Friday, 23 December 2016

5 Ways to Wear: A Christmas #ootd

So I have completely missed the boat on the whole blogmas thing but I thought I would just slip a little Christmassy post in there whilst I have a few days off before Christmas is actually here.

So bit late for a present posts sooo what else other than a Christmas outfit post. I am really umming and ahhing about what to wear this year on Christmas day and Boxing day. Both days for my family have things going on so both outfits count! So I am hoping maybe doing a few outfit options post will help me decide what I want to wear and maybe give you some inspo too!

1. The Missguided 2 in 1 gold slip dress. I am in love with this dress - if you follow me on instagram this is not the first time you have seen it. Never really been a fan of anything in metallicy colours but this year I am living for all things metallic, satin, glittery errrryything!

Dress - Missguided

Boot - Asos

2. I have had this playsuit for a few years now but only actually wore it for the first time to my office Christmas party. Got to love anything black but I just love the extra detail the sleeves give!
Sooo I did wear this to the Christmas party butttt I may have had too much to drink to even remember to take pictures.. so its kinda like I never wore it right?!

Playsuit - Asos 

Heels - Boohoo

3. The kind of not so dressy bit more comfy but still glittery enough to be Christmasy. These trousers are so comfy - not only are they wide leg which obviously screams comfort but they are also so slinky and soft they just feel laaavely!

Trousers- Uniqlo 
Top - Topshop 
Boots - Public Desire 

4. I searched for ageeees for a green velvet dress and I was finally able to bag myself one. And its a slip dress and we all know how I love a slip dress! Velvet + green has to equal Christmas right 

Dress - Missguided 
Shoes - Boohoo 
Ring - Zara Taylor

5. More velvet! Again I have had this top a while now but never really worn it at Christmas. I love this kind of royal blue - I went through a stage when I was younger of wearing blue all the time to match my eyes and then I went on this big culling session and got rid of all blue things for a while but now this top makes me realise why I love it so much!! 

Top - River Island 

Skirt - Primark 
Boots - Public Desire 

I have pretty much paired all of these with heels/boots but lets face it on the day it always comes down to slippers or fluffy socks! 

Obviously these outfits don't have to solelyy be for Christmasss - I am still in need of a NYE outfit too so maybe I'll to coming back to one of these then.

I am now spoilt for choice! Let me know in the comments which is your favourite and which you think I should wear for Christmas and New Year!! 

Merry Christmas everyone! 

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