Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Knot & Stripes

Now if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I bought these trousers a while ago. But this is only the second time I have worn them because I was being really picky and only ever wanted to wear them with a burgundy top to match the colour in the trousers. As they are mostly white I don’t want to look to wishy washy right!?

Annoyingly the only burgundy top I had was a turtle neck jumper that obviously was way too hot to be wearing over summer so I finally got round to getting myself a little cami that I could team up with these trousers. 

Trousers – Primark 

Top – Boohoo 
Sandals – Birkenstocks

I decided to tie this up into a make shift crop as I don’t know if anyone else ever feels like this but sometimes when I wear patterned trousers I start to feel really conscious that it looks like I am in pyjamas, which is part of the reason I never wanted to wear these with just a plain white tee. So I thought rather than just leaving it down loose or even tucked in, tying it up to become a crop top made it feel that tad bit dressier and so less like the pj’s look. 

I’m never normally one for trousers on holiday – I always think well you can wear trousers the rest of the year but shorts when it is freezing or peeing it down with rain is not ideal. Butttt this year I was determined to try something a little different and not always go with the same old same old. 

Plus it was a last minute holiday and was, I guess, quite late in the summer, so by the time I was actually thinking about buying some new holiday pieces, all the autumn collections started coming out. So I had to make do with what I had and get over my little scared I look like I’m wearing pjs thing… And I am glad I did because I do actually really like this look. 

Plusssss as it was late in the summer some nights were a little on the cold side so trousers were a good shout in the end!

Are you like me and get scared you are looking far too cosy in pjs or do you have anything that you are a little hesitant to wear sometimes?

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  1. Hey lovely, this is such a cute outfit! I love how you've customised the top with the knot and it looks great with those trousers! You look great!

    Ps. I'm glad you commented on my blog because now I've found yours and I'd love to follow each other! :)


    1. Awh thank you so much!

      Ah yay! I'll look forward to reading more of your posts! x

  2. LOOOOOVVVEEE this look😍👌🏾

    1. Thank you so much! I can't wait for the nicer weather so I get to wear it again! x


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