Thursday, 8 September 2016

Being You at Uni

Going to university was pretty much a last minute thing for me. I wasn't one of those people who just have their mind set on either going or not going I really didn't know what to do. So I applied got in and it was only really in the week before I was actually due to pack up and set off to Brighton that I finally decided to do it. And that was 3 years ago now, dissertation done, graduated and now with a full time job (with no time to blog – cries). And now its freshers next week and I am seriouslyyyyyy jealous of everyone going/still at uni!

I know many people will be having their last summer at home now and getting ready to go off so I thought I would share some thoughts on my time at uni and maybe some little tips/advice to think about. Not to say you have to do these thing but personally reflecting back this is what I think about my time... 

Just enjoy first year

First year is the time for settling in and the universities allow this making it not count in your final grade. So it just gives you time to get used to everything and make friends. Second and third year you have much less time for all the social stuff so soak it up while you can and just have fun. Not to say don't try hard with your work and what not but just take advantage of the fact that it doesn't count toward your degree and should be relatively a (work wise) stress free year. 

Do the work over summer. 

Looking ahead a little focusing work wise on 2nd and 3rd year.. I had so much reading to do being an English literature student, yet I just used my summers as chill time which yeah was so nice but looking back that would be something I could have and should have done to just make my life 10 times easier for actual term time. I think if I had done this, I would have freed up some more time for myself to actually socialise properly in these years. 

Join a society. 

I know pretty much everyone says this but it's because it really is a good thing to do. This is my main regret of uni. I got all caught up in the fact I had made friends with my flat mates I was too scared to go off and do something on my own. But I really wish I had. Can never have too many friends right? And joining a society of something you are interested is just basically surrounding yourself with people that you are bound to get along with! 

Don’t go home all the time. 

You are always going to get those people that live not too far away that decide they want to go home pretty much every weekend. Don’t. Just don’t be one of those people. You miss out on so much stuff that you could be doing. In Brighton a weekend night out is so much more expensive than a weekday student night so people didn’t necessarily always go out.. but there was still always so much to do. Bars on campus, walk round the town (seafront in my case) and just chilling out with your friends and whatnot. Plus you kind of single yourself out which obviously no one wants!

Be you. 

So many people say that after first year you basically loose or drop half the friends you made in first. I think everyone becomes so worried about making friends that you do things to fit in and what not to make as many friends as possible. But then come second year when the work load sets in you wont have time to pretend to be interested in things you really aren't. Plus there are sooo many new people to meet there is just no point faking it just to fit in, because there will always be someone that has the same interests as you! 

Are you at uni and think there is something I’ve left out?

Or if you are just about to head off and have a question lemme know! 

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  1. I'm starting uni this year, definitely going to take these tips along with me x

    Sophie's Spot

    1. Oh good luck hope you love it as much as I did! I'm glad they could help! x


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