Friday, 24 June 2016

Gingham Grunge

I'm pretty sure gingham is something that never really seems to go out of fashion. For the last few years you cannot see a Spring/Summer collection without a touch of gingham somewhere. So I thought, although it is about a year old, I would do a lil post on my gingham co-ord and how I shall be styling it up this year..

Co-ord - Motel Rocks 
Jacket - Levis 
Sunglasses - Topshop 
Shoes - Boohoo 
Sock - Urban Outfitters 
Belt - Asos 
Earrings - Primark 
Choker - Luna Designs

This co-ord has to be one of my favourite things I have bought that I never really get bored of. I'm sure you can gather if you have been reading my 5 Ways to Wear posts that I love a bit of versatility and a co-ord is just that, wearing the pieces together or separately, there are endless ways you can wear it. And the top takes that versatility one step further with buttons that can undo the straps - so you can go strapless too if you want to. Loooove it! 

I feel like this is a pretty girly outfit so I decided to grunge it up a little with the choker and dark lippy. And could easily take this a little further with some boots instead of the sandals but I wanted it to be a little summery and girly still. 

As it is Glastonbury weekend I also feel like this would be a good festival outfit, swap the denim for an anorak type coat and some wellies and you'd fit right in. Kinda wish I wore this outfit last year when I went! 

I do hate it when you have an outfit all planned out and then the weather completely ruins it and you have to rethink the whole thing. I think the good and easy thing about this outfit it that you could easily add a pair of tights and a warmer jacket if needs be and it would still have the same effect. And at the moment with this bizarre sun then storm weather that we have going on at the moment (in Brighton anyway) it can't be a bad thing to have some easily adaptable outfits planned out - am I rightttt?!

What do you think? What are your adaptable outfits?

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  1. Nice grunge style look for summer!

    Isobel x

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    1. Thank you! I do love a soft grunge look!x


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