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Cover Me Up: Foundation Review

Foundation is one of the hardest things to buy. This is something that everyone finds difficult right, not just me? I most definitely have tried my fair share of foundations, BB creams, tinted moisturisers, whatever. And as soon as it seems that I've found the right one something starts to go wrong and it just doesn't seem to sit right any more. 

I have combination skin, sometimes it will be a little oily and sometimes a little dry. Sometimes (and I don't really understand how this can happen) I can be both at the same time, in the same area. Strange right?! 
Anyway, it seems you can go out and buy moisturiser, primer, make up remover, toner anything really and they have a selection of items for dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin. Yet you don't really see that kind of range with foundations and I am pretty sure that is where it matters the most. 
I really struggle to find the right foundation because it just ends up being a trial and error method, spending sometimes quite a lot of money on something that after one try you realise really isn't for you. 

One thing that has been amazing for me over the past few years is finally accepting the fact I have pretty pale skin like my mum. And because of that I can start poncing off her! She gives me all her foundations that she decides aren't right for her skin and lets me have a try out to see if I can finally find 'the one'.

Sooo, on my last trip home I was packed off back to Brighton with three newbies to try out, so I thought with this little collection and the others I have laying around I would do a little review to maybe help some of you out in the hunt for the perfect foundation for your skin, and hopefully get some suggests to try out too.. please! (sighs/cries)

bareMinerals Original Foundation Powder

Now I wasn't really expecting great results from this one, powder plus dry skin doesn't really equal a happy face,  but I wanted to give it a go as this was something my mum was recommended and i'd say we have similar skin issues. I was really surprised by the flawless look it gives - you know how they say when baking using translucent powder under the eyes gets rid of any creases, this kind of has the same effect but all over. It being a powder I thought it would go everywhere and just like fall off my face especially when using a brush and not a sponge/pad but it really didn't, it sat smoothly on my face and didn't fall off with a little brush as I expected. 
However, as I did expect not the greatest for the dry patches on my face, it clung to these areas just highlighting them even more which most definitely is not what I want. 

For anyone who doesn't have dry skin I would highly recommend, but if you do avoid!

bareMinerals Bareskin - Pure Brightening Serum Foundation 

Again another bareMinerals but the complete opposite to the last, this one is definitely something for dry skin. It is very oily which gives a really smooth look and application. I do actually really like this one but sometimes I think for me I need to add powder to my t-zone as it can make you look a little greasy/sweaty because of its oily texture. But that is easily sorted out. Once you've powdered down the t-zone and added a little bronzer it does give a very natural looking highlight and barely looks like you are wearing any make up at all. 
A down side to this though was due to the oily texture, it wipes of quite easily. I touched my chin after applying it and my hand basically slipped of my face covered in foundation. 

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation 

This Bourjois one I really liked and think it was definitely my favourite out of the ones my mum gave to me. It gave really good coverage was kind of like a happy medium between the two bareMinerals. It did stick slightly in the dry patches on my face but not really badly, maybe something I noticed because I was scrutinising but other people probably wouldn't be able to see. A massive plus side to this is that it is drugstore, only £10 and so affordable for a poor student like me!

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation

I have had this one for a while now which I tend to use when I go out out, or if I know I will need max coverage all day long as it is fairly thick. But again similar to the Bourjois it is somewhere in the middle of the bareMinerals so good for combination skin. This one does clump in my dry patches a little more than the Bourjois but still usable for my skin. Again it gives a natural highlight look that I love anddd is another drugstore find at £10.99, woop!

Mac Prep and Prime BB Cream

This now is my second tube of the BB cream. I went in to Mac and this was what I was recommended when I said that I don't like my foundation to look to heavy on my face. I pretty much use this all the time and have been really happy with it until lately. I have been getting (as you can probably gather) random dry patched on my face that this just clumps up into and doesn't really give me that natural no makeup look that I like to go for, if anything it does the opposite. Before this dry patch phase though it was perfect, good coverage and as it is a BB cream it is just so light and natural looking. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Tinted Moisturiser 

This tinted moisturiser was another of my mums finds but a few years ago now, I tried it, love it and this tube is my third or fourth one now. But suddenly my skin has clearly just go loads paler, because now I can only use this for when I contour and that is it. Obviously the colour is something that I can easily change but I am still hesitant to go out and buy this again as it is only tinted moisturiser. I don't actually like to wear that much face makeup so when my skin is all good I don't wear any. The only time I do wear it is when I have a few blemishes and tinted moisturiser is never going to give as good a coverage as a proper foundation. 
But is it light and good for when my skin is having a dry day, it doesn't give that caked on look that some foundations can give but instead almost gives a natural looking highlight so that can't be bad! Maybe I am just being picky about the coverage as I guess that I can cover with concealer first, but for £28 per tube I can be picky right?!

Annoyingly I would say even though I do like the Mac and use it most of the time, it has definitely changed for me and would still say I haven't found the one that is perfect for my skin. I want to give the Bourjois one a bit more of a go, I think I am getting there with that one, but it is still not entirely what I want.  

Do you have any issues with buying foundation? What are they?
Or have you found the perfect one? If so, help a girl out and give me some suggestions! 



  1. Thank you for your tips, I have the bare minerals powder foudation, only that now my skin became dry so I can't use it no more, I'll have to try something else.

    1. oh no its so annoying when your skin seems to change mid pot/tube isn't it!

  2. Hi - I could write a dissertation of make up since I have used every product under the sun, and have always been over sensitive about my combination skin. But I won't bore you. Two products that completely cover all eventualities for me Boots No.7 Matt mousse is perfect for my pale skin in the palest shade - it looks darker in the pot than I would imagine would be good for me , but it is practically invisible on my skin, making my skin look ten years younger than it is! The second product is kept for high days and holidays as it is expensive. works magic on tired skin, dewier effect than the No.7, its lightening properties give glow. Givenchy 'Teint Couture' blurring foundation balm 30ml

    1. Ooh I think I will definitely have to give these a go I am struggling so much with finding the perfect one! Thank you!! x


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