Monday, 16 May 2016

The £10 Boho Dress

I have had a dress similar to this on my fashion board on my Pinterest for such a long time and now I have finally found one that I love! And it was only £10 in the H&M sale! £10!!
So here is my casual way of styling it ..

Dress - H&M 
Shorts - Zara
Boots - Primark 
Necklace - Asos 
Bag - H&M
Elephant Ring - Little O 

Pretty sure it supposed to be a top, its a tad short so I have to wear shorts underneath it just incase but I just really love it as a dress. The tassel drawstrings at the top means that you can adjust the neckline making it as tight or a loose and baggy as you want. I was playing around with this before taking these photos and I discovered that I can loosen it so much to make this dress a bardot, off the shoulder style which I know is so popular at the moment. So I really can't wait to style it up like that and take it out for a little spin, which I haven't had a chance to do yet because the weather cannot seem to make up its mind. 

These are my standard day to day rings that I were all the time. But three out of the four them were gifts so I don't know/remember where they were from. Soz. And the necklace is just a massive favourite of mine that you may have seen featured in loads of my other posts. 

I was having a bit of a mare trying to decide what shoes to wear with this outfit. My favouritest sandals ever had to be put in the bin after last summer because I had literally worn them too much and the soles where barely there anymore. But anyway I decided to give these chunky Timberland-esque boots a go and was really surprised how well they went. I feel like it just adds another layer of the casual easy going look that I was hoping for. 

I have shown it as both a dress and as a top but can;t decide which I like more. 
What one do you prefer?!

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