Friday, 20 May 2016

5 Ways to Wear: A Denim Shirt

Okay so first off apologies for missing the 5 Ways to Wear a couple weeks ago, but I was so busy with my dissertation. Not the way I wanted my 3rd week of doing this to go but oh well. Hopefully this post will make up for it!

I don't know about anyone else but I really love to throw on a denim shirt in the Spring/Summer. Just that light denimy blue colour is such a summery colour, like when it gets warm enough not to be wearing a jacket and you can swap the jacket for a denim shirt instead. And pretty much anything denim is like this but I feel like the shirt has such a chilled out casual look to it that I loooove. 

I felt like this would be a good option to go for in a 5 Ways to Wear post, because even if you don't have a denim shirt you could just replace it with pretty much any shirt and still make similar outfits, so win win all round right? 

This Zara shirt is quite old now, but its a massive favourite of mine, I love it soo much. I must have worn it so much as well, so I think I could probably just looked back on how I have worn it and come up with way over 5 outfits. But I chose my top 5, a mix of ways I always wear it and ways that I would like to try out. 
Here we go.. 

1. Double Denim 

Jeans - Asos 
Boots - Primark 
Belt - Primark

2. Casual in Camel

Skirt - Primark
Shoes - New Look 

3. Lazy Day

Leggings - Jack Wills 

4. Floral 

Playsuit - Asos
Belt - Primark 
Shoes - Boohoo

5.  Washed Out 

Trainers - Vans
Jeans - Topshop

What other ways would you style a denim shirt?

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  1. I love all of these looks! Goes to show how timeless and versatile a denim shirt is. Great styling!

    xo, Jo |

  2. Thank you! I know that is exactly what I thought x


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