Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Soap & Glory Makeup Haul

Soap & Glory has always been something that caught my eye. I love the pink, the pin up girls and the sassy names they give everything. 
So I thought I would dedicate a blog post to a few of the pieces I have and love and I highly recommend them all. As a drugstore brand I think they are amazing. So many of their products are such good quality for the price you pay and here they are..

Thick and Fast High Definition Mascara 
I absolutely love this mascara! It is my go to one always. I always find it quite hard to talk about mascaras because I think people expect it to magically transform your eyelashes to look like you are wearing fake ones. But I don't really think anything can do that, other than actual fake eyelashes. What it will do however, is enhance what ya got and for me this one does that perfectly! I really hate when mascara clumps all your lashes together leaving you with about five, but this is soo good at separating them out and giving you that fluttery lash look that everyone wants. Volume, length just everything - this mascara is a massive tick in the box for it all!

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss 
I think it must have been at least 8 years ago now that my mum first came home with this lip gloss and me my mum and sister all sat round giggling at the name. We all tried it out and loved the strange tingly feeling it gives to plump up your lips and ever since then its pretty much been a favourite. My sister wore it to school one time and someone quoted to her lyrics from Lil' Mama Lipgloss and even now that makes me laugh so much (crying with laughter emoji face). So clearly it has the desired effect haha! Since then they have bought out a bigger range of all different shades to make it even better! I don't really wear lip gloss much anymore but when I do this is all I wear.

Kiss Ass All Is Calm Concealer in Green - Anti Redness 
I haven't actually used concealer in a really long time. I have this old one sitting in my drawer that I might go back to every now and then but I must have bought it when I had a tan because it is waaaaayy to dark for my pale winter skin. Even though I know you aren't supposed to I pretty much just used foundation to cover any blemishes and it worked alright so I was happy. Butt I was shopping around and thought I would finally get myself a new one and do things properly. I have been seeing a lot of the whole green concealer and the orange under the eyes lately and wanted to give it a go so I was on the look out and found this one. And I love it. I haven't used it loads yet or anything but when I have I loved the coverage it was giving and doesn't look like you are caked in make up like some of them do, (part of the reason why I didn't have one before). 

Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lip in Fire Cracker 
I love an orange on the lip look but I have to admit this was rather more orange than I expected. It is kind of like a neon colour which I personally find to much, especially with my pale skin I end up looking really washed out with this colour. I think I will try to use this with my other orange lipstick (Mac Ravishing) and see if I can get a good ombre lip going on so fingers crossed it wasn't a wasted buy. But other than the colour the actual lipstick is great, its the not the same lip plumping tingly thing you get with the lip gloss but for a matte lip is it great stays on really well and its surprisingly smooth even with slightly chapped lips. I would definitely recommend this just maybe go in store and use the testers instead of guessing and ordering online like I did (sighs - risky move I know!)

Cheekmate Cheek and Lip Stain Rosy Glow
I have had this for a while and I'm not sure boots sell it anymore but its still there on Amazon. I love to use this on my lips. Although it is for cheeks as well it tends to look a little red blotchy skin on me rather than a blusher alternative. But for lips its is great! It give a really subtle rosy red lip, it looks really natural and not at all like you have anything on. I know at the moment the whole hype is a nude lip but I actually love when that natural red/pinky lip colour and this it just perfect for someone who most definitely does not have it naturally. 

Do you have any Soap & Glory faves that I have missed?



  1. Absolutely LOVE the Thick and Fast mascara, definitely one of my favourites! x


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