Wednesday, 27 April 2016

6 Things to Know as a Beginner Fashion Blogger

I know I know one of those really typical things that every blogger seems to do, but I wanted to write this based on my own experience. I have been blogging now for 9 months but it has only been until very recently that I have felt properly comfortable with being a blogger. I know there are a lot of these types of posts out there but I wanted to be a little more realistic coming from someone that has only recently started up and isn't one the top bloggers who already have a massive following and are being paid for it.

So here are 6 things I have learnt over my 9 months of blogging that I think every blogger should know and have a little think about.

1) Not everyone is going to like you and that is okay. The point of a blog is not to tell people how they should be styling their jeans or the way they need to be applying their make up. You are showcasing yourself and the way you do it. It is your style, yours, no-one elses. You don't have to go for that typically blogger style of doing things. with the marble and the monochrome, or you can. I personally love marble and I do like a monochrome look but I also like really colourful ones too sometimes. You don't have to do the whole blogger theme to get notice (I hope everyone knows what I mean by that). Stick to what you like that's what will make you different as a blogger. 

2) Dealing with negativity. Negative comments are horrible. I mean people say girls can be really catty and bitchy but I think guys can be just as bad too. I've had a few comments and seen soo many. And it's horrible how bad these comments can actually affect you. It's something you just have to take on the chin as I said before not everyone is going to like you and some people just feel the need to tell you that. But I've tried to look at the silver lining of these negative comments as most of the time it actually tends to draw attention to your post or picture or whatever it is and other people can be so kind in defending you or just giving their opinion. Focus on those.

3) Take a step back sometimes.Lots of the 'how to increase your blog traffic' posts tell you to post as often as possible so you might feel like you have to (as I did and still do sometimes) but if you can't be bothered with it it becomes obvious when its a rushed post or that there wasn't much effort put in. Sometimes with blogging like you do with working - you just need some time off. When you come back to it after some time away you will feel more inspired and ready to get going.

4) Reply to your comments - its just rude not to. (Obviously with the exception of when they don't really need a response - like when its just an emoji or something) I get really annoyed when you leave a genuine comment on someones blog or you ask advice or just a question and you get blanked. There have been a few popular fashion bloggers that I now will not look at because they do not reply. If you aren't going to engage with your readers why would they bother reading what you have to say right? I get that some comments are quite difficult to reply to but if someones made the effort to comment they deserve a reply!

5) Honestly social media really is your best friend in getting your blog out there. I was scared to do it 
at first worried about the people who I actually know and what they were going to think to judge when I started advertising it. But since I have been doing it my blog stats have gone wayyy up.  

6) Blogging can sometimes get you down. You feel insignificant when you look at the big bloggers out there and you just feel like crap because it seems like an unrealistic goal. On Twitter I have seen quite a few people I follow (who happen to be pretty successful bloggers) tweet about also have their down days and feeling like this too. You aren't alone (fist pump emoji)

A particularly wordy post but there you have it 6 things I think is it important to know in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle community. 

How long have you been blogging and what do you think is the number 1 thing it has taught you? 



  1. These are really great tips! I was always too scared of social media too and am just learning the ropes on twitter xD I definitely have low days too with blogging, your blog is so lovely though, you never have reason to feel like that! I end up comparing myself sometimes but then realise competing is the last thing I want to do :D I followed you on twitter! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. Thank you! Me too I've only just joined and I'm still learning it all. Awh thank you that means a lot! I know I feel like I spent way to much time like that too but it is only going to make you feel rubbish isn't it xx

  3. completely agree with the comments bit. I never understand it, it just makes the blogger look a bit robotic when there's no social interaction. Great post hun x

    1. I know I get so annoyed by it sometimes. Yeah that is exactly it! Thank you x

  4. I totally agree with you!! I like your blog very much, would you like to follow each other?:)

    1. Awh thank you so much! Sure! I'll follow you now on bloglovin x


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