Friday, 18 March 2016

Cleaning Up

I've always been pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning my make up brushes. Over the years I have be bought so many that by now I have different brushes for different colours as well as for their different uses, so if I'm not washing them to wash out the colour whats the point right?

Well a couple of months ago I bought myself a new RealTechniques foundation brush which I absolutely love it was blending in my foundation evenly and just perfect but now its all going wrong gaaaaaahh... I think there is just so much foundation all clogged up in the brush that its just not working well, like if anything the brush is apply the foundation and then wiping it back of again - its not good and basically a massive waste. 

Sooo, I went off and go myself this little brushegg and it just makes cleaning them 10 times easier. You pop your fingers in the little pouch and then skirt you cleaner on, wet down the brush and gently work the brush into the grooves. The main part with the longer bigger grooves is good for you bigger brushed (foundation, blusher/bronzer etc.) and the little bobbles at the top part are for you little brushes (eye shadow, lip etc). 

To give them a good ol' clean I am also using No.7 Brush Cleaner which seems to be working pretty well as you can see. I can''t say I have gone through a lot of different brands of brush cleaners to definitely say this is the one you should buy but from my experience its all good and not to expensive either (woop!)

I do aim to keep on top of this from now on as this little egg makes life so much easier!
 I got mine super cheap on eBay, I didn't realise it was coming from China went I bought it though so I did have to wait a while.. if that doesn't bother you, you can shop it here


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