Thursday, 25 February 2016

Monochrome Geometric Trousers

Trousers - Asos
Top - Asos 
Trainers - Nike

The one annoying thing about renting is you get what you are given, which in my case is a little bedroom with a built in wardrobe that me and Ollie have to share. Most of my clothes are all crammed in there with his or stuffed in drawers somewhere, I hate it! I dream of the days I can have a walk in wardrobe - this will happen! 

Anywayyy my clothes being all over the place like these means I completely forget about all the bits and bobs that I have.. I recently rediscovered these trousers that I haven't worn in agesssss and forgot how much I love them. They can be dressed up or down pretty easily and because they are quite bold I wanted to keep it simple with the monochrome look and so I am wearing them with just a baggy black turtle neck. 

I am off to uni so I opted for the easy dressed down look, I paired them up with trainers which I usually wouldn't do (I like these with my little sandal shoes) butttt I'm kinda in the mood lately that's like why would I wear anything other than trainers .. I asked Ollie this morning what looked best trainers or boots he went for boots but of course I ignored him, I had to go for the trainers just so comfy.

What do you think?


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