Saturday, 20 February 2016

Asos Hair Accessories

So a couple weeks ago now I finished watching the TV series Reign. To say I was obsessed is an understatement, I just could not stop watching it. And now I've finished I am living vicariously through my sister and my friends making them all watch it and realise how bloody amazing it is. If you haven't seen it give it a go..

Annyyyyywayy, so watching  Reign I developed a serious love for all their hairstyles and the accessories they were using and kept trying things out for myself. After much deliberation of 'will I actually use this', 'would I ever really wear that' I went off and bought myself some Reign inspired hair pieces from ASOS that I am just in love with. 

Circle Hair Brooch
I have been lusting over these clips/brooches for a while and it was just a case of getting round to buying one just because there are so many to choose from, silver, gold, circle, triangle, square.. gaaahhh. In the end I went for a gold circle, nice and simple and I just feel like gold would work better with ma blonde hair. This is perfect for when I get those frizzy bits of hair that need clipping back but without have a million grips poking out all over the place, woop!

Feather Hair Comb
Can someone just get married please so I can wear this!! I really think this just screams wedding hair do.. A little plait, a nice dress sorted. Not that I would only wear this for a wedding I just think its perfect for that kind of occasion. Pretty simple and nice and easy to use. I think it gives that casual boho vibe which ya gotta love!

Designsix Exclusive Back Hair Chain 
I was deliberating over this one for quite a while. I loved it but because it is so subtle I couldn't decide if I actually thought it was worth it.. It was. It really was. I love it soo much. There is a curby grip that secures it onto your head which you have to kinda hide near your parting ish. And then the chains just hang there, a bit of swirly swirl and clip annnnnd vwallah! Is a tad more difficult than that but not really something that can be explained.

Last year or so I got all my long long hair chopped off (sniff sniff, cry cry) just because I fancied a change and hadn't had a short hairstyle since I was like 5. And I really liked it at the time but now my hair is in that in-between stage where its just blah because I am growing it out. But I really can't wait for my hair to get longer because I can't help but think stuff like this is perfect for controlling unruly long hair, which lets face it mine definitely will be (sighs - curly hair problems). 

Anyone watch Reign? 
What do you think of my Reign inspired look?

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