Thursday, 21 January 2016

Venice: Style & Travel Diary Part 3

Coat - Topshop 
Dress - Boohoo 
Boots - Public Desire 
Necklace - Asos 

For our last day I decided to go for my trusty blue coat I picked up in the Topshop sale a while back teamed up with my new Boohoo dress. I decided to twist the skirt a little so the split leg was more obvious so you could still see the boots. 
The necklace was also a new purchase which I have spoken about in a previous post but this was the first time I actually got to wear it. You know that bit in Love Actually when Alan Rickman tries to buy the necklace, gets annoyed with the guy and asks 'what are you going to do next dip in it yoghurt?' .. Well thats exactly what I did, I sat down at breakfast and the necklace swung forward straight into my fruit and yoghurt. I think I had been wearing it for all of 5 minutes (and yes I clearly love Love Actually). 
With this look I also got to try out my new Mac lipstick in Chili which I loooooved. 

As it was our last day at breakfast the waiters at the hotel brought us over these pancakes with strawberries, which we shared and they were yummy. I love breakfast on holiday I could literally live off croissants and bacon (not together).
Day 3 was my favourite of the lot. We intended this day to be just as busy as the last with a trip to Verona but last minute changed our minds. Instead we just had another day wondering around and visiting different places we hadn't been yet. Compared to the manic day we had the day before, this was a welcome break where I felt like I could properly take it all in and enjoy being there. 
We headed over to San Marco again and consulted the trusty Venice guide book (thanks mum) and thought we would should probably go explore somewhere we hadn't actually seen yet.
We went via the water bus over the canal to Salute which was the view from our hotel and which was quite empty really - well compared to San Marco. 
I did really want a gondola ride but they were very expensive and I decided it would be best to save our money for something else - which we did as we went for early dinner/lunch at this really nice restaurant La Piscina. It was such a nice hot day I could actually take of my coat and was still really warm. It 100% did not feel like it was January and just from the pictures the clear blue sky and the sun I feel like it looks like it could be the middle of summer. It was so lovely. The sun and the view we had over lunch did just make this last day perfect.

Like massive kids we then went off in search of the big sweet shop we had discovered the day before which honestly took hours (well at least an hour) but it was well worth it for the giant strawberry cables we picked up!
With one final stop for some tea we had to head back to the hotel to pack (cries) ready to leave in the morning.

All in all Venice is beautiful and I absolutely loved my birthday present (thank youuu!) it was amazing



  1. This post in particular caught my eye because I loved your blue coat. But then after reading I just love this whole minimalistic look! Your whole outfit is just so chic and that necklace is just to die for, I love subtle statement jewelry.

    Xx, Bree

    1. Awh thank you so much! The necklace is still available on asos and has gone in sale too if you are interested!!


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