Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Venice: Style & Travel Diary Part 2

Coat - Missguided 
Dress - Boohoo
Boots - Public Desire
Scarf - New Look
Hat - Topshop
Bag - Urban Outfitters

 So clearly these Public Desire boots were a fave for my trip (I was worried about the suitcase weight) plus I just love them. 
The Missguided coat was a special buy just for Venice. I don't really have that many coats that actually look okay done up, the oversized blazer type coat (which I have lots of) does just look 100% better undone! So this one I quite liked because it does look good done up but of course I wore this outfit on a day when it was actually quite hot and I really didn't need to do it up. I didn't need the hat or the scarf really either. The weather in Venice considering it is January was laaaavley. 
 The colour of the dress was what initially drew me to it, I love it. But also the draped shoulder/sleeve (which you can't really see whoops) adds a little to it making it a bit different to anything else I have. You can shop (and get a better look) here.
As the coat is pretty light I didn't want to look super washed out so I teamed it up with the New Look scarf because of its warm orangey colours and the yellow Topshop hat. The scarf is now in the New Look sale so go go go but the hat is not longer on the website but I think it is still in store if ya like it.  
I kinda have a thing for rucksacks, they are just so comfy and not in the I look like an old lady type of comfy. This Urban Outfitters bag (only available in black now) was a Christmas present which I have already spoken about in a previous post. I used this bag most of the trip and intend to use lots more. I love tan colour bags and a tan rucksack was mssing from my bag collection so thank gadd I got that now! Again I thought the warm colour would also be good teamed with the pale coat and scarf. 
What do you think?

Friday was a particularly long and busy day we did sooo much. We had booked onto a guided tour of Doge's Palace where we got to see the proper view of the Bridge of Sighs from inside the Prison - it was the last view the prisoners would get of Venice before they were taken to be executed.. Little fact there for ya! 
Then we had a look around inside the Basilica but you aren't allowed to take pictures in there but it was really lovely, there was so much detail inside and out. Actually there is pretty much so must detail in every building of Venice - everything is ornate and covered in paintings or tapestries or statues or something, it is amazing. Makes the smooth white walls of my flat seem very very boring! 

We then went on to the Correr Museum and had some fun with Ollie posing as a statue and stopped for a little ice cream break (yeah it was that nice of a day). Why is it ice cream on holiday is always so much better than at home?!?! We spent a bit more time just wondering around San Marco again to see all the sights properly in the day and they were just beautiful. Especially when you are looking out over the canal and the sun is shining its just lovely. 

We hopped onto a water bus (I spent the entire trip every hour or so going 'woow I feel like I'm on the boat again' - stupid motion sickness!) and went over to Accademia Art Gallery which was brilliant. We got a guide phone thing here as well because what do we know about art - so that gave us a little explanation of a couple of the paintings. Thrown in some pictures of those for ya. I was kind of mesmerized by the baby one just because it so horrible!

Now I am writing about it I guess it doesn't actually sound like that much of a busy day but it really was we were both shattered after this so we went off for dinner at this swanky restaurant and got a 3 course meal and it was yummy. I must have been too eager for food because I forgot to get a picture of the main meals before tucking in (whoops)

If you missed Part 1 you can see it here. Up tomorrow is my final post on Venice Part 3..


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