Wednesday, 13 January 2016

All Jewelled Up


So one of my New Years Resolutions was to really focus on my blog, spend more time on it and post more. But a few days in to the new year and already I'm failing at that. Lets just say 3rd year at uni is becoming particularly stressful! So again just another quick haul type post for whilst I am really busy (sorrrryy!)

Jewellery is not really something I ever think about buying - I don't really go out of my way to look in a shop or online for anything but lately I have really noticed my lack of some key bits. And I've been noticing lots of other peoples jewellery that gets me all jealous that I have nothing like it. Sooo I asked for some bits for Christmas and vwallah! - this is what I got..

Zara Taylor Necklace 

I typically, in true blogger fashion, love a bit of marble, but my blue stone marble ring is my favourite thing ever which I literally wear all the time. So when I saw Zara Taylor had a necklace version just had to get it. I wore this straight away as soon as I got it on Christmas Day with just a little black dress so it really stood out. 

Topshop Necklace

This little number was a suprise buy from Ollie and he did very well because I love it. The chain is so delicate you can barely see it especially on bare skin you just see the gorgeous green stone which I love love love. I was going on about wanting a little necklace with a small stone but didn't actually ask for one for Christmas.. clearly he does listen to me (if it is only occasionally!)

Little O Elephant Ring

This ring is sooo cute!! I love it so much. I've been trying to collect some simpler rings that still have a bit of character rather than just a plain old band and this is perfect. Every time I look at it I can't help but just say 'awhh' - because come on they are teeny tiny elephants tehe! 

Urban Outfitter Necklace Set

As I am sure I have said before I really love the whole layering of small necklaces look but most of the pack necklaces I have got end up having quite short chains and I wanted ones that were a little bit longer.. like these. Again this wasn't something I had found and had asked for but just said I liked them in passing when grabbing my last few Christmas bits for other people. I really like the whole tarnished goldy look and the little medallion type pendants (which I think look a little like the gold in Pirate of the Caribbean).   

Pieces Earrings 

These were a little stocking filler which I am glad I got cos I am getting a little bored wearing my old silver hooped sleepers all the time. I really like the subtle miss-matched triangles of these and they are surprisingly comfortable to wear in bed (this usually really bothers me - hence the sleepers) - so yay!

Asos Necklace

This was a little treat to myself with my Christmas money. I've been looking for something like this for ages. I love the long chain and that the pendant is big and bold so you can really see it. 

I love all of these - is just a shame my life has been a massive bore since Christmas - stupid essays and revision ruining my fun! 
I can't really complain as now I am off to pack for Venice where I can finally get showing off some of these bits wooo!


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