Thursday, 17 December 2015

Feeling Blue

Coat - Topshop 
Skirt - Topshop 
Jumper - Urban Outfitters 
Boots - Very 

Keeping up the theme of blue from my last post in this one... blue make up and blue outfit could be a bit much though. 
So this is my just popping to Brighton for some last minute Christmas presents look, as I wasn't shopping for myself and trying loads of stuff on (for once)  the skirt with the zip I can never do up on my own was a good option for this, ha.

I love this skirt! I love that it is tartan, I love that its that thick wool blend material and I love that its blue without being too bold and in your face, (the coat makes up for that) I know that if I was with any of my family they would comment on how short it is but I don't care I love love love it 

Anddd.. I absolutely love this blue Topshop coat too, which I managed to snap up in the sale £60 down to £25 a couple years back. They only had my size and my sisters left in the sale so it was meant to be. (We had a little bicker over who got to get it - I won muhaha

I'm loving the whole skirts and roll neck look at the moment, I get to wear a whole side of my wardrobe again now we back in winter (I mean I know it's been winter a while now but hasn't actually felt that cold - and I really hate going out all wrapped up and then having to strip off some layers because you 100% did not dress appropriately) so I am whipping out all of my roll necks and wearing them all to death

This post has also made me realise just how bad my roots have got, definitely need to be sorting that out soon! 
And apologies for the changing hairstyle - I just couldn't decide!


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  1. Gorgeous outfit! I love the skirt :)

    Hayley-Eszti |


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