Friday, 11 December 2015

Dress It Up With Make Up

Always around this time of year the shops become full of sparkles and glittery dresses ready for Christmas parties and whatnot. But this year being the poor student that I am, I've got to try to get around this. I don't plan on buying anything new for the Christmas festivities so instead I'm just going to stick on the good old reliable  little black dress and dress it up with a bold Christmassy glittery makeup look...

So for a girl that loves her winged eyeliner (like I really do) this make up look is perfect for still creating that style look and shape for your eyes.

I basically did a smokey eye with the MUA eye shadow in Pearl in the inner corner of my eyelids and then the Mac Atlantic Blue which is slightly darker on the outer. I held up a piece of card (a tag from clothes- not my new clothes unfortunately.. Cries) to get the straight winged look. 
Then I used white eyeliner on the bottom of my eye to open them up a little and Soap and Glory Smoulder Khol eyeliner in Blue My Mind on the top to darken my lash line. 
And the final touch to make it all Christmassy is to add the Barry M fine glitter Dazzle Dust (the name has been rubbed off the bottom from the amount I've used it - oops). I had to be careful not to use too much of this because it can fall down your face and you end up with lue glittery cheeks - so don't go too mad! 
Annoyingly it looks much better in person the glitter really stands out but can't really tell in the pictures as much. 
Not to be too in your face I went for a plain lip - Mac Honeylove and MUA Caramel Nougat Liner 

I chose blue because obviously I have blue eyes but I think any colour would essentially work the same way as long as you have one a little lighter than the other.

So thats my Christmassy look done, maybe I will jazz it up even more with some sparkly nails and bag.

And after writing this post about not buying a dress, I have found one without even looking that I am absolutely in love with, check it out here. Maybe I should buy it..its still a little black dress right? Right?

P.S. Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for helping me completely change the layout to my blog - please be prepared for the next time I want to change it all again (muhaha)
What do you all think of the new look?



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