Monday, 7 December 2015

Do You Want to Build a Snowman

Not really something you think about until it comes around but moving out means buying all your own Christmas decorations, (unless you are a complete Scrooge) but I 100% am not. I love Christmas soooo much and so this year I've been pinning like crazy on Pinterest for inspiration of a tree, ornaments and DIY decs.
Whilst pinning I found these cute little snow men made out of socks and I just needed them, so I got making and here is how..

So you will need:
White Socks 
Something to stuff them with like cotton wool or I used a ripped up snow blanket 
Elastic band or hair band 
Pins, Needle and Thread 
Material for hat and scarf

In attempt to do this as cheap as possible I headed over to every 99p style shop I could find (99p Store, Poundland and Poundworld) and I managed to pick up everything I needed - apart from the hessian material I used for the hat. Some of the things I did have around the house so that was a plus. I was planning on getting cotton wool to stuff the socks with but the snow blanket was cheaper and worked just as well. 

So you start off by cutting the sock in half (I used the bottom half because I didn't want the lines but I don't really think it matters). 

I put a large button in the bottom of the sock to act as a stand and then filled the sock about 3/4 of the way up.

I then used a hair band to tie it off to make the bottom of the snow man, then filling the rest up to make the head. I tied this off with one of those small plastic invisible hair bands to avoid any bulk. 

I then put in two black pins for eyes and instead of using material for the scarf I found these Jute Borders in the 99p Store which I used instead. You simple tie them in a knot around its neck and I pinned it into place with another pin (annoyingly couldn't find a red pin!)

I then cut off a small triangle of the hessian fabric and wound it up into a cone like shape for the nose and glued it down. I also tied another of the invisible hair bands around this for extra support. I then pushed a needle from the cone tip all the way down until it is hidden and put it on in the nose position just like the pins for eyes

After that I simply cut a rectangle of hessian fabric and wrapped it round the snowmans head and pinned at the back. Then again with the handy little invisible hairbands I tied one around the top for that almost bobble look of a hat. 
Nearly done, the finishing touch is just to add the buttons and vwallah you've got yourself a super cute little snowman ornament! 

What do you think? 
I have also done some other Christmassy bits and bobs so you out for that post coming soon! 


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