Thursday, 31 December 2015

Christmas Bits

I got a camera ahh! Finally some decent quality images on the blog will be a much needed improvement. I wanted a camera for a while now (and by a while I mean a month or two of just reallly realllly wanting it and dropping very obvious hints to the family) and nows it here woop!

I also got lots of little gadgets to go with it to help me with my blogging - a tripod, a wireless remote and sooo many new clothes and make up bits for me to blog about tehe. 
Now I'm not going to list out everything I got for Christmas because 1. that would take ages and 2. I would just be taking prime post material away from myself!
Sooooo here are just couple bits I got..

Rebel London Chelsea Boots

As I have said probably in multiple posts, I have been searching for some Chelsea boots for ages. I was being really picky about them, I didn't want them to have a heel but I didn't want them completely flat either and these Rebel London boots are what I found. They have a thick sole with a slight heel but still flat, perfect to satisfy my picky mind. As you can see by the crease lines already in them I wore them straight away and know they will be a favourite in my shoe collection. 

Urban Outfitters Tan Suede Rucksack 

I am a big rucksack fan, especially for when I am carrying all my heavy books to and from uni they are just perfect. And this one is dreammmmmy. I didn't have a tan one so I went on the hunt, spotted this and added it to my long long Christmas List and yayyy I got it! I have been stuck indoors writing essays since getting it at Christmas so still haven't had the chance to use it yet, but I'm sure it will feature in a post very soon. 

Hello Smile Teeth Whitening Pen
I always like the idea of getting my teeth whitened but never the price so this little number solves all the problems. It was a popular one for the Rousell family this year, me and my sister both got one (there was lost of hinting on my part about this). And I also bought one for Ollie. I tried it out for the first time yesterday, can't wait to see the results!

Urban Outfitters W.I.P Nail Varnish in Pumpkin Pie
I haven't actually has a chance to wear this yet as I've got my nails all glittery for Christmas and New Year's but I will definitely be trying out soon. I love this burnt orange colour, I have acquired lots of this colour in my wardrobe and my accessories this year.. and I love it!

Zara Home Tea Cup and Saucer

As a rather big tea lover this lil cup and saucer was very much appreciated. Its so dainty and cute and looks like something out of Downton - and who wouldn't love that. Plus its perfect for blog post pictures which is of course always a bonus!

Primark Ultra Soft Fluffy Socks

I do love a good ol' pair of socks. Fluffy socks are my favourite I literally live and die in them. And these socks are quite possibly the comfiest softest things I have felt in my life.

Look at that quality! Gaaaaah! I cannot wait to shoot some outfit posts with this camera. 


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