Friday, 4 December 2015

Casual Jeans Day

Jeans - Zara 
Jumper - H&M 
Boot - Topshop 
Coat - Primark 
Ring - Zara Taylor 
Bag - Dorothy Perkins 

My three day week at uni consists of roughly two hours a day, so jeans and a jumper (even more so now in this weather) are just the easy go to option for me, especially when you know you'll be coming home back to your PJs. 
I was experimenting with the grey on grey look which I discovered I actually quite like, for ages I've been avoiding wearing this coat when I wear anything grey, which is quite difficult when my entire wardrobe is basically grey (I love it!). I really love wearing grey when I use this Dorothy Perkins pastel blue bag, I feel like it just makes the colour stand out even more. And it matches my favourite ring (woo). 

I know blue jeans are classed as a wardrobe staple but I rarely actually wear blue. I am always choosing my black jeans over my blue and I don't know why because I love the laid back, chilled out look that blue jeans give, so I am trying to wear them more. 
Actually this is just a thing that I am trying to do with all my clothes, I need to wear more of my clothes that I rarely wear than just the same old favs all the time.  

So a pretty simple easy outfit to just shove on but still looking presentable.
Abi x 


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