Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Nivea Essentials

My mums words of wisdom when I was younger were, 'when you find something that works for your skin, stick with it'. And I have - Nivea. 

And the best thing about it.. you do not have to break the bank to get it, yaaaay.  

Gentle Exfoliating Scrub - Now I know you aren't supposed to use an exfoliator on your face daily but I just love the way this makes my face feel so fresh and clean I can't help but use it each day. Plus the beads make me feel like they are giving my face a good scrubbing whilst still being gentle on my skin, leaving me with silky smooth skin. 

Express Hydration Primer - Face moisturiser is actually something I have really struggled with - so many of them out there are just so thick they leave my skin feeling oily and ends up giving me spots. So obviously I must avoid this at all costs. I accidentally bought the primer one time thinking I was buying a standard moisturiser and it has turned out to be the best mistake ever. Because it is a primer it is really light and leaves my skin feeling soft and thankfully not oily and spotty. And as a bonus its actually a really good primer, I find that my foundation and concealer (when I wear it) stay on really well, not having to reapply at all.. unless maybe on a really bad skin day.

Light Moisturising Day Cream - I annoyingly have combination skin, so occasionally I get quite dry patches on my face. So for these days I use the day cream just on the particular dry patches and within a day or two the dry patches have completely gone and my skin is back to normal.  I tend to use this also if I have had a particularly bad spot that ended up scabbing, the thicker moisturizer helps with reducing scarring and the healing time. Although it is called 'Light' I still found this way too thick for everyday use but perfect for those dry patches. 

Hydro Care Lip Balm - And to complete it all the lip balm. I've got so into the habit of using this lip balm that I have to put it on everytime after I clean my teeth otherwise my lips just feel strange. I have had a lot of lip balms over the years, its just something I have always been in a routine of using, but I end up using them so fast because they make my lips feel nice for about an hour and they then begin to feel sore because the balm has worn off. Nivea however, even though I use it every single days lasts me such a long time. Its so creamy, you can almost feel it sinking into your skin, and the lovely soft, not chapped look and feel lasts for ageeeees!

So, I would highly recommend these affordable and amazing products - they work so well for me so give them a go yourself! 

Abi x 

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