Thursday, 5 November 2015

Man's Shirt

Warning to all: don't go out like this, it is far too cold now. I learnt my lesson. 
It looked like a pretty nice day so thinking I could get away with it and reminiscing summer, the legs came out but I was rather chilly. I think its a tad too cold to go out bare leg and without a jacket now (sighs)

But anyway I wanted a chilled out causal outfit for just popping down into Brighton town for a bit and vwallah this is what I came up with. 

Dress - Urban Outfitters 
Shirt - Dirty Harry's
Belt - Primark 
Bag - New Look 
Trainers - Nike 

The ring (the Voldemort ring as we call it) my sister bought for me when she was abroad somewhere.

I picked up this shirt from a little shop in Brighton lanes a couple years ago and I loooove it. This does have something to do with it being green of course.. but also because it is super comfy and casual. 
The shirt was originally much long (its a men's XXL) but it looked more like a dress which sounds okay but it really didn't look it. So I had to have a quick whiz over it with ma sewing machine to take it up a little to normal shirt length.  

With this I also got a red shirt which is pretty similar - £20 for both wooop. And I love them both because they are vintage no-one ever has the same. 

What do you think?

Abi x 


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