Friday, 27 November 2015

Lipstick Lovin

I am a bit late for the whole autumn favourites things so instead I am just going to do a collection of my favourite mac lipsticks for now. I was never really much of a lipstick person, that is until very recently, when I just decided to be more confident in what I actually like. So now I have built up a little bit of a collection here are some of my key lippy's that I just love... 

First up we have Ravishing which is one of there cremesheen collection which is a summery orange colour. I have actually been searching for the typical autumnal burnt orange colour but I cannot find it anywhere (cries). So, because I cant find it I tried to create it by adding a little bit of brown lip liner - I say lip liner but its actually eyeliner. It essentially works in the exact same way so don't be afraid to chop and change around your lip liner and eyeliner because it really does not matter (at least I don't think so). I used the eyeliner outline my lips and the filled in at the corners. Because of the texture of the cremesheen this is really easy to just blend in with a finger. With this I manage to dull down the orange a little to almost create this colour I want but not quite so I'll have to keep searching.

Next up is Stone which is a kind of browny/greyish colour which doesn't sound appealing but after rewatching friends and seeing Rachel's really 90s lip I really wanted to give this one a ago. And I am so happy I did I love i!  It is quite dark and can make you seem a little washed out so usually I would wear more eye make up than I am in the pictures with it, which kind of evens it out a little so you don't look so deathly pale. The more you apply the darker it gets and looks kind of blacky so I don't apply that much so you can still see the brown and grey undertones. 

Mehr is a nudey pink which is quite subtle and I have got the Barry M shade 9 Mulberry lip liner to go with this which seem to match perfectly (yay!) This one I've had for a while now and I wear it all the time no matter what season. This colour I think just adds a little something else, I like to wear it when I have a coloured eyeshadow on because I feel that it is subtle enough complete the look.

Next we have Honeylove which is a very pale nude colour which I do like to use (like in the picture) when I am going for a minimalist look, quite neutral. I think it just adds a more flawless look without it being that horrible foundation lips look. Again I found a good lipliner to go with this which is MUA Caramel Nougat which is again quite a neutral colour it can be used for quite a few of my lipsticks. 

Then we have Hang Up, this is again a cremesheen finish which is perfect to use on those days you have a bit of a chapped lip because it hides this - not like matte which gets into all the crevices in your lips and actually makes them look worse. This colour I like to use mainly on a night out because it is quite bold and in your face, it is a good autumn/winter colour, a kind of dark cherry, very vampy. 

Finally Smoked Purple which is a bit darker than Hang Up, this is one that my 8 year old sister likes to call my dead lips because apparently I look dead with it on soo that is always good! But this one I really love because its matte, it really stays on your lips and is perfect for a night out - the amount of times I have come home and seen that I have lipstick somehow on my forehead or something is ridiculous so at least with this one I can mantain some kind of dignity and look normal. Again another dark colour that is perfect for the vampy look that is in a the moment. With this one I have a MUA Berry Wine eyeliner which I actually use for Smoked Purple and Hang Up and it works great with both. 

So these are my favourite at the moment and I really love them and would recommend them. 
I am hoping that my family and my boyfriend look at my Christmas list and buy me the new shades I have asked for because I reaaaally want them, (so fingers crossed

Please please please if anyone does see this burnt orange colour that I want anywhere let me know because again I really really want it! 

Abi x 

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