Sunday, 15 November 2015

H&M Haul

So I walked into H&M and was just surrounded by all things green and I looooved it. Their new collection is so nice I walked around the shop twice just incase I missed anything. My arms literally ached for days after because of the amount of clothes I was carrying round with me to try on, but everything was so nice I wanted it all (clearly I need to up my game in the gym, oops).
But anyway, these were the few things that I decided on in the end. 

I have been looking for a plain black slip dress for such a long time that isn't that chiffon material, so when I saw it this had to be one of the things I was definitely buying.
In the end I think half of what I was carrying turned out to be green, (I am just drawn to it I can't help it) but I had to control myself and settled for the top and the underwear because I couldn't say no to that! 
This bra is quite different to anything else I have, the balconette is quite severe almost looks more like a bandeau on, I love it! 
And finally the burgundy dress, which is super comfy and can easily be dressed up or down just with a change of shoes. 

There was also a black v neck wide leg jumpsuit that I absolutely fell in love with and I regret not buying it soooo much! I think another trip to H&M will be happening soon!

Abi x 

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