Thursday, 15 October 2015

New to Culottes

Culottes - Primark 
Crop Top - Asos 
Belt - Primark 
Shoes - Primark 
Skull Armlet - Zara Taylor
Ring - H&M 
Cross Earrings - Chelsea Doll

I have come a little late to this trend but in the end I finally gave in a bought some. 
Wide leg anything is just completely out of my comfort zone, but then added with the extra awkward length culottes have always been a no no for me. 

That was the case at least until I went shopping one day with a complete open mind and happened to try them on.

 Usually just by looking at something I decide that it won't suit me, which sure you know what suits you and what doesn't.. most of the time. I find I do this a lot, but sometimes it helps to just try it out. I am now trying to get into the habit of 'if you like it try it', that way if it doesn't look right you already thought it wouldn't (this makes me slightly less disappointed) and if it does look good, result! 

Anyway, I teamed the culottes with my wrap V-neck crop and made this look like one piece by tucking in the top. Then teamed with subtle jewellery and a splash of colour with my green/turquoise H&M ring. 

This messy side bun is the perfect easy style for all you curly haired folks out there. I tend to turn to this style when my hair has got an out of control curl, bordering frizz ballness. So then any hair that falls out is still curly and looks like its meant to be there, prefect!

Next time you shop head to the fitting rooms with something you would never normally touch (not something you avoid because it horrible though - ha) and see what you think. 

Abi x 



  1. I've been wanting a pair of culottes for the longest time! I need to get on that! lol x

    Chilled Uni vibes over on -

    1. Quick get to Primark and get some haha! x


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