Thursday, 22 October 2015

My 21st Birthday

21. I am offically a proper adult. This means no more watching Disney movies and singing along and no more binging on sweets and chocolate.. (who am I kidding this is obviously never going to change). 

So to celebrate my birthday my mum threw me a little party so that all the family could get together have a drink and eat cake. 
But because I love tea, (anyone who knows me must know this about me by now) she made it a tea party.
We had tea in a cute little tea pot, a china tea set, cake stands full of sandwiches and scones, ice cream sundaes, champagne AND sooo many cupcakes. 

And with all the family together I discovered that they all somehow have managed to find my blog, (that I have been keeping schtum about) and have secretly been reading it. So as you are all reading because you are nosey thank you for a nice birthday and for all my pressies! 

Then on my actual birthday I faced this little conundrum to work out my present from my lovely boyfriend. I took a shamefully long time to work out what N V E E I C could possibly spell but I got there in the end. He's taking me to Venice aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!
Then I was treated to brunch out in Brighton and got these snaps to remember the lovely day I had, some of them I wasn't quite ready for!

Posts about my other presents and what I shall be buying with my birthday money will be up soon. 

Abi x



  1. Hope you had a good birthday! So exciting that you get to go to Venice, I'm turning 21 in February and I'm so excited but it's scary at the same time that I will be a proper adult!

    1. Awh thank you! Haha well just ignore that for now and just think about all the lovely presents you will get too ha! x


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