Wednesday, 7 October 2015


My birthday is the 19th October which makes me a Libra. I always find it interesting how many of the traits assigned to a Libra I actually posses.. Stubbornness and indecisiveness mainly (oops) but also diplomatic and artistic as well. 
(Strangely when I got a wand on Pottermore it attributed me these qualities too- spooky right... oh yeah by the way, I really love Harry Potter .. clearly). 

So when I saw these necklaces in Primark I immediately wanted one.. it shows the sign of Libra and Primark's cheaper version of an opal Libra's birthstone. And bang on trend with the layering necklaces too, yay. 

I can never quite decide my opinion about Astrology..  I like knowing I match some of the traits of a Libra but I know I definitely do not match all. And for some reason I love reading my horoscope, its like I want to know the possibilities of what could happen or to see if it was right and matches up with the week I just had.. sometimes its right sometimes it wrong but I like to keep looking anyway. 
Plus, I really like the necklace. 

Abi x 


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