Monday, 12 October 2015

Be Brave, Go Bold

Minimalist eyes and bold lips aren't usually my style. Just mascara used to be all I wore really back when I was in school, but at soon as I hit sixth form and ditched the school uniform I experimented more with my day to day make up (you know how sometimes an outfit just looks so much better with winged eyeliner). And from then on winged eyeliner then just became my everyday face. 
Red lips, or any bold lip colours really tend to be reserved for nights out or special occasions.  But I'm not sure why because I love wearing it. 
So I thought I would go for it and finally start being a bit braver.

I've never really been much of a fan of foundations - I just can't find one that doesn't make me look caked in make up. So most of the time I opt for a more fresh faced look, just using a bit of powder, bronzer and highlighter. 

And for once I've opted for no heat of any kind (by that I mean hair dryer, straighteners or curlers) and gone au naturel with ma curly locks. 

Red lipstick is always going to be a key item in making a statement, but sometimes I think it can be bolder to wear less.. so I have done a bit of both here mixing the two together. 

Reviews for some of these products will be up at a later date, but for now take a look at Bubblegum Lip Scrub post here which is an essential of mine when applying lippy. 

Abi x 


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