Thursday, 20 August 2015

LUSHious Lips

So first up I thought I would give a review of something I use all the time, Lush Lip Scrub (Bubblegum flavour which is just yum!) I tend to use this a lot when I want to wear lipstick because I reeeally hate that 'lipstick stuck around the chapped lips' look. 

Has anyone ever had one of those lip balms or moisturisers or anything that just smells so good you could literally eat it.. Well the best part about this is you actually can and ma gaaad it is good. So if you haven't already tried it you just rub it into your lips like you would a face or body scrub and when you are done lick off all the yummy bubblegum goodness. And voila! - lips are left silky smooth, ready to give a nice flawless finished look when applying lipstick. 

I really love this product - and no not just for the taste! You can shop it here!


If you don't have it already it's definately worth a buy. 
p.s. lipstick is Mac Hang-Up, shop this here

And if you fancy a little look around check out my favourite lipsticks I've been using in my Lipstick Lovin post  - after using LUSHious Lips of course! 

Abi x 


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