Close up in black top and sunglasses

It is quite often now that I see a tweet or an picture with the caption:            'I'm taking a break' 
.. from blogging, from social media in general and there are always all manner of reasons, health, holiday or just because. And I am all for it. I can't sit at work all week working on social media to then come home and spend all of my free time doing it as well, sometimes you just need a break. 

But can you really take a break and just pick up where you left off?

Often your content can come off at the end of it looking better, rejuvenated with more ideas and a fresh new look all because of those few days off 
But when it doesn't, what then? A break is still a break and we all feel the repercussions. 

Outside against white wall wearing black top and jeans

Mid shot - closer image of top and jeans

Wearing bardot black top with lace up detail & wide leg blue jeans

face close up looking down

Wide leg blue jeans and black top against white wall

Mid shot girl in sunglasses, jeand and top

Outside against white wall girl in jeans outfit looks left

Over the last year I had a lot going on in my personal life that just kind of meant my blog has to be put on the back burner. 

When I was a little more active on the blog I was contacted by a brand to try out their new products, it was such a lovely email to receive, no demands, no obligations ot post anything, they just wanted to send it to me. 
Obviously - cos like who doesn't - I went straight to Instagram stories and did a little blogger mail unboxing. A few weeks later I then got send some more which I did the exact same thing with and put a few posts on Instagram as well as stories. 
Not in a showy way - I just mean it felt like I had developed a relationship with this brand. 

Anyway when the third parcel arrived I was moving house, so it quickly got packed away in a box and as I said life got in the way to the point I never actually did a single post. 
And now nothing. 

Now they may not have sent anymore to anyone else, maybe it got lost in the post, maybe i'll get another one some time in the future, maybe they just changed their mind, maybe maybe maybe. (was being sent to my parents house so there is no old address issue here) 

But it is hard not to tie the two together. Especially when the timing marries up so perfectly. And of course it isn't always about the collab/sponsorship opportunities, its also the stats. I mean I surely can't be the only that looses at least 10 followers for simply missing a post one day on Instagram! 

It is such a killer and I find getting too caught up in the numbers is usually my reason for needing a break - but then going back to see its even worse than before is just a never ending bloody cycle!

I need help guys ... How do you keep your stats/presence up when you need a break?

I am really interested to get some perspective and just other peoples views on this - so here it is, the big question:

Can you really take a break from blogging? 

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5 coats

Can we just take a moment to question why everyone is freezing their tits off for the gram. Every other picture on my feed right now is someone standing outside bare legged in a strappy little number, but the bleakest grey skies behind them. It’s nice and everything and everyone loves a no coat look, but can we just have a tad of realism here people?! It’s bloody freezing still. I know some outfits look better without a coat, but I’d actually be interested to see what coat people are pairing with their uber cool fashionable outfits, cos I am still always at a bit of a loss with this!   

Anywayss, every single year there are a million new coats and jackets that come out all that are only slightly different to the ones I bought last year, but of course I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!

I've always been one of those people that have said they prefer summer to winter but if you were to look at my winter to summer clothes ratio you would defo think it was the other way around. Especially when it comes to coats. 

I just really can't stop. I used to find myself only ever buying black coats because it will go with everything, but it was always so boring having the same old every single day. So now if I likes it, I buys it.. even if it only goes with those jeans or that skirt etc.

So here is a round up of my favourite coats that I will defo be using to transition into spring/summer, as let’s face it, I live in England it’s probably going to rain 90% of so called summer anyways!

Asos Puffer
Girl outside in black jacket

Girl against white wall in black jacket

Girl against white wall in black jacket
Top: Asos | Trousers: Asos | Trainers: Vans 
So this jacket is my purely for ease coat. It does just pretty much go with everything, and I feel like its definitely the right kind of cut and shape to work well with awkward lengths i.e culottes - I always find them so hard to wear with anything other than a crop top - baggy on baggy is not a good look unless you are a proper skinny minny. Hence why I want to see your coats people!!

Missguided Shearling
Girl against white wall in beige teddy coat and black baker boy hat

Girl against white wall in beige teddy coat & black hat

Girl against white wall in beige teddy coat
Jumper: Matalan | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Boohoos | Sunglasses: Topshop | Hat: Topshop 
So in love with this jacket, I could happily wear this every single day. I started fake tanning on the reg purely for the fact I love the whole neutral tones, tanned look with gold jewellery & this coat is just perf for this! I had to stop myself from buying it in every other colour they had I love it that much. The oversized look is great for layering up chunky knits in winter but also a really great look for just a t-shirt in spring. love love love 

Primark Furry 
Girl outside grey faux fur coat against a white wall

Girl outside grey faux fur coat

Girl outside grey faux fur coat Jumper: Topshop | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Boohoo | Sunglasses: Asos 
This was actually my first coat purchase of winter. I can't quite work out if it is grey, lilac or blue - it is just one of those. Despite all the fur it isn't really thick/warm. So again another layering essential great for transitioning seasons. I love wearing it with a pink jumper like I am here and will be trading the black jeans in for blue soon for the ultimate Spring time vibes!

Boohoo Aviator 
Girl in burgundy and pink jacket outside

Girl in burgundy and pink jacket outside

Girl in burgundy and pink jacket outside
Top: eBay | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Bershka | Sunglasses: eBay
I got this little number for Christmas and it actually is a little out of my comfort zone. The fur is very pink. Don't get me wrong I do love a bit of pink, but I definitely avoid those neon tones if possible & the pink on this felt like it was bordering the neon. But, & it is a bit but.. I love it. The brightness of the pink is contrasted with the burgundy and it just feels like the perfect jacket when you want a pop of colour. Great for those days in spring when everyone is wearing those blue, yellow or pink leather jackets and your still in the 'moody winter' mood, with a hint of 'I'm actually not moody, look its pink' thrown in for good measure.
*no actual hate to those coloured leather jackets - I really want one*

Bershka Furry
Girl with faux fur coat colour blocking

Girl with faux fur coat colour blocking

Girl with faux fur coat colour blocking
Top: Primark | Trousers: Matalan | Belt: Primark | Shoes: Matalan 
I am slightly ashamed to say I've barely worn this jacket. When I put it on I always feel so extra & I always a big scaredy cat when it comes to new things so I have to work up the courage everytime I go to wear it. But I am working on that as I really love the whole colour blocking look, so it is my intention to wear this throughout winter and spring.. its got the perfect combo of colours why would I not do this right?!

So there we have it, my top 5 coats I will be transitioning into spring.. maybe just because I love them so much I'm not quite ready to put away for the next few months.
But then again think of all the Spring/Summer jackets I can start buying now too.. 

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Girl posing wide leg jeans and jacket picture 1

Again another post from me about how I am unsure about a certain style but I'm going to embrace it anyway. Getting repetitive right but I just can't help it, fashion is always changing and there is always something I am a little bit like 'whaaat THAT is fashion?!' If you don't know what I mean please just look at 'culeans' because holy moly what are those?!

Like honestly half the stuff that comes off the runway is just way too out there and is 100% not at all wearable for your everyday lass like me!
But you know what is wearable.. wide leg jeans! But I am still filled with fear over my new trews!
I think I am just having a moment of like, what if people look at my jeans the way I look at culeans - oh ma gaaaad!
Cropped, wide leg annndd they are denim! Its new its different.. I'm scared.

I'm not really sure why I find this so scary, I pretty much live and die in culottes but there is something about them being denim that I find truly terrifying.
When I was younger I had a pair of bootcut jeans that I loved but skinnys were just really kicking off and I always remember this girl like eww why are you wearing those and made me feel so stupid that that was it, they were gone never to be seen again.

So prior to a few years ago I have always been a die hard skinny jean fan, but it is getting boring and I don't actually think they are the best cut for my figure. So here I am going in for the kill with a brand new cut and I got to say I am laaaaaving it. 

Girl posing wide leg jeans and jacket picture 2

Girl posing wide leg jeans and jacket picture 3

Girl posing wide leg jeans and jacket outside garden surroundings pic 3

Girl outside in garden showing outfit pic 4

Girl posing wide leg jeans and jacket picture 5

Girl showing outfit without jacket outside

Picture 6 Girl posing for outfit shot

Denim Trousers girl in garden showing outfit

Girl posing wide leg jeans and jacket close up

Girl Posing outside showing outfit against white wall
Jeans: Topshop 
Top: Boohoo 
Boots - Bershka
Jacket - Asos 
Necklace - Bershka 
Earrings - Next 

I decided to keep it simple with a black turtle neck, boots and a leather jacket. And adding a little touch of detail with my gold chain and hoop earrings.

I felt like keeping it simple was the best bet if I was already worried and I was actually pretty happy with the way it came out. Kind of that effortlessly casual cool that I am pretty much always after!

Since putting this outfit together and getting these outfit shots, I have actually gone out and bought myself a pair of cropped kick flare jeans as well. I know right .. what even am I?! Soooo once again I am teaching myself a lesson and possibly you if you are constantly worried about trying new things.
So if you are, we both need to embrace it..  because FASHUN

Blogging on the bed with tea and dog

New year, new me and all that right? Well not quite. I don't really intend on setting myself proper resolutions, I only end up forgetting all about it, so what is the point. Plus we are all guilty of the same old same old, go to the gym, eat better etc. that clearly never happens otherwise it wouldn't be a resolution Every. Single. Year!

I had a bit of a rubbish day at work a little while ago and I was trying to be positive and happy about everything and I ended up manically writing out a post that was essentially all my feelings at that moment in time.

I left it alone for a while not even really wanting to read back over it just knowing I felt better having written everything down. But when I did finally go back it read kinda like resolutions and goals sooo here we have it!

Taking Pride in What I Do

I find that quite often I feel a bit silly saying I blog, or if someone says they were looking at my Instagram. I guess that comes the popular misconception that when someone is a bit shy or reserved  that they love themselves and are stuck up.. I apparently give off this vibe and obviously a whole website dedicated to me, myself & I probably doesn't help with view.

But I have decided to take some pride in myself and what I do and already it has given me a sense of motivation. I am still not completely on track with my blog in the way I used to be, I used to post at least once every week but that just doesn't happen anymore and to be honest I don't want it to. I would rather the posts I do write to be authentic and true to me rather than just chatting about random crap to meet my own demands of one post per week minimum. So yeh, I may post infrequently and my following may be affected by that, but at least when I do post, it will be about something I have loved! 

Contacting Brands & PR 
My main thing I am feeling really proud about is reaching out to brands and PR for the first time and being successful. This I am sure is no biggy to many but was a big step for me I always felt I could never do. I have done this a grand total of 4 times now - resulting in 2 collaborations and 2 invites to bloggers events - not bad ehhh! So I am hoping to continue in this line and hopefully work with a few more brands and attend some more events to meet all you lovely lot! 

I am feeling pretty motivated to do a media kit so that is another goal to add to my little list for this year. This kind of links back to contacting the Brands & PR, I want to look professional and I suddenly realised my blogging stats are not something to be ashamed of.

I love the open honesty of some people Twitter about their stats, from bloggers I love and read their content all the time & I realise I have the same stats as they do.

Now I am not trying to compare at all but it was so nice and refreshing after putting myself down for so long to see that I wasn't doing as bad as I thought. Just for a little confidence boost to myself that yeh, I am in a way, up there with some of my favourite bloggers & I see that as something to be proud of. 

Now Instagram. If you don't get this horrible 'ergh' feeling of complete and utter frustration then you need to be sharing your secrets with me. I am in two minds about this at the moment. Partly feeling like I am going to up my game and sort it out so that I don't feel shitty every time I lose a follower.. or 50! But also that I am going to care a little less about it and not let it get to me so much! 

Bit of a contradictory one but there you have it! 

I am really not the type of person that wants their life to be ruled by social media and I really feel like this is why I'm perhaps not quite as far along as I want to be, but I like my down time away from it. 
I like going home after work and doing absolutely nothing. 
I like going out and not sharing every single detail on social media. 
I like enjoying the moment whilst I am out, with the people I am with rather than trying to get the perfect picture to put on Instagram only to lose a couple followers that apparently are offended by my cup of tea!

Okay slight manic there but you get my point!

If you aren't offended by tea - you can follow me here!

Basically, my 2018 goals are simply to take more pride in my blog, pride in the content I create for it and pride in the fact that even if I don't have millions of followers, I have a few that are interested  in what I write and what I wear. And even if I don't, I am doing it for me no one else. 

What are your blogging goals this year? 

Que the typical start to a blog post.. Blogging & a full time job just do not mix well! It is becoming soooo hard to stay on top of everything whilst working full time but also not wanting your weekends to be totally consumed by blogging alone. Like the whole process, getting ready, taking the pictures, editing them and then finally writing out the post can just take up so much time!

And don't even get me started on the whole lighting sitch going down now lately making everything even harder. This particular post has been a long time in the making its just taken me foreverrrr because of all of the above!

Anyway to the point of the actual post..
Cari's Closet Adele Dress

Cari's Closet - The Adele Dress

The Adele Dress - Cari's Closet

The Adele Dress

A little while ago now I was lucky enough to be gifted a dress of my choice from Cari's Closet. So I had a look through possibly every single thing on their website and narrowed it down to 5 dresses that I liked and seriously struggled to choose from.

After sending all 5 round to my mum and my sister getting everyones opinions we all agreed on the Adele dress which defo turned out to be a good choice as only a few days later I saw it trending on facebook with so many people saying about how much they loved it.. and I had one on its way to me at that very moment!

I have to say as a predominantly fashion blogger it was so exciting to collaborate with a fashion brand for once! But it wasn't without its worries, is it going to fit, will it look right on me, what if I hate it but still have to post it up online..

But it was all without cause because it arrived and I bloody love it! The intricate detailing of the lace is so lovely, plus with the sheer material underneath it is just so beautiful. I feel like I can I can dress it up or down depending on the occasion - which if you know me is always a plus as I'm all about versatility! 

I went through a phase when I was younger of wearing blue all the time, and putting on this dress I remembered why I used to love it so much. It is that perfect royal blue shade, thats not to bright but still brightens up the wardrobe enough! 

I was also really pleased with the cut as I usually struggle a bit with dresses,  I have the annoying problem of if my boobs fit in 9 times out of 10 its too big on my waist and visa versa. So I tend to always go for that stretchy jersey type material that either stretches or just pings back to shape but not this time! & it paid off because it fit perfectly!

Anywayss, I know there are lots of glitz and glam dresses that can be worn over the Christmas period but for me this is looking like a favourite for those day when sequins and glitter are just a tad too much!

& of course I had to 'me' it up with a leather jacket because since getting a new one for my birthday.. I haven't really taken it off!

What do you think of this latest look? And what are your go to Christmas ootd's? 

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